Thursday, 8 September 2016

The Secret Sadie 3 in 1 Bag by Glamour Bunny Review

Aloha! As a mumma to a young baby I find that I never get a chance to carry a nice handbag myself because I usually just chuck everything in the baby changing bag. So, when a beautiful pink Glamour Bunny box arrived on my door step with one of their amazing 3 in 1 handbags I was over the moon to get some new sassy anti-mum arm-candy. Now, I know what you're thinking - woah woah woah, did she say 3 IN 1 HANDBAG!? Yes, indeed I did. It is basically witchcraft (and some very amazing savvy design work).

Glamour Bunny is one of my favourite brands. It a UK based vintage-inspired clothing & accessory company. They make the ultimate bombshell dresses with genius design and shapes to flatter any body type. The quality is just superb and customer service is amazing which is something that is really important to me.

The bag itself comes in either black or red. However, it comes with a interchangeable cover which is double-sided with either a polka dot or a leopard print. So, how does this work you may be wondering? Well the bag also has a magic magnetic flap at the top that lifts in order for you to place the cover on so it is super easy and takes a matter of seconds to swap to match your outfit.

The thing that surprised me the most about the Secret Sadie bag (aside from the awesome cover-changing-design) was the size. It is a lot bigger than I was expecting which really impressed me. I love these lady-like classic style bags but they are usually wayyyyy to small to fit anything in if you actually want to make it your every day go to bag. This one is the perfect size - not too big, not too small. You can find the bag here.

The dress I am wearing is also by Glamour Bunny. It is the 'Julie' dress which is actually available really reduced from Glamour Bunny's eBay store 'allthingspinup' which you can find here.

To watch the video in action click play!


Now for some photo's!

 The bag is so shiny it was actually reflecting onto my dress... It's not white marks I promise!

 Please don't judge my dodgy knicker line :'D

So, how RAD is this 3 in 1 bag, hey? It is also currently on sale at the time of this post so you can snag a bargain!
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