Saturday, 6 August 2016

Turbans & Trousers (ft. Voodoo Vixen)


Aloha, honeys! I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the sunshine (if you're getting any!)! Today's post is about stepping out of my comfort zone... I have mentioned in previous posts that I feel my legs are my best feature so naturally the thought of wearing anything baggy that covers them sends shudders down my spine! I have always opted for a tight fitted leg as I just feel that's what suited my figure best however I do love the look of palazzo extreme-wide-leg trousers. I just feel they give off SUCH chic vibes and are just the epitome of class. I decided to break free from my usual-skinny-leg-chains and tried something that I usually run away from when I fell in love with the Nicola trousers from Voodoo Vixen (Use code ATOMIC20 for 20% off!). I loved how floaty they looked and the print was the perfect balance to make them look a little more interesting.

When they arrived I was NOT disappointed - they are even better in real life. As a mumma to a 7 month old, comfort is key and the Nicola trousers have an ELASTICATED WAIST. My prayers have been answered! A stretchy waist that is less OAP and more sassy s-ass-ee (I was tryna rhyme, cut me some slack :'D). They are really flattering because of the waist feature too as they nip you in the perfect amount and the flowing material on the leg hangs beautifully.

Recently, I have also completely fallen in head over heels with Sarah's Doo-Wop Dos turbans. They are pre-sewn which makes them the ultimate lazy hair day fix and come in SO many colours to match every outfit. They have an 'open back' so are much like a headband which makes them even more versatile as you can wear them with updo's such as a high ponytail or bun. Sarah, the owner, very kindly did a blog post about me which you can view here >
Buy her gorgeous turbans here >

I was originally going to pair the Nicola trousers with Voodoo Vixen's gorgeous Dita top in Red but as I had seen them paired with red (as it seems like the obvious choice) a lot I thought I should do something different. Here is my outfit with the Dita top, though to show you how awesome it looks with red too!

One thing I will say about these trousers are that they are quite long, like pretty much all trousers this style. For reference I am just under 5"8 and they sit the perfect length on me with flat shoes. However, if you are shorter and plan on wearing them with flats then I imagine they would be very easy to take up to your perfect length. I say better to long than too short!

Outfit Details
Green Vest - Primark
Shoes - New Look


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