Monday, 20 June 2016

The Casual Pinup: How To Dress Retro Everyday!

Aloha, lovelies! Today's post is going to be one that I feel very passionately towards! I LOOOOVE casual dressing... I actually prefer it to wearing a dress. I would much rather wear jeans and a top over a dress & petticoat. Thing is... I am a women of comfort. I just love to relax and not worry about what I am wearing - whether my bra strap is showing, or itchy petticoats or my dress is tucked into my knickers. Some may call it lazy... I call it 'practical'. I've always preferred 'everyday' clothing but especially so since become a Mamma. I'm not gunna try and carry my baby, car seat, nappy change bag and shopping at the same time whilst wearing a big ol' flouncy dress. Obviously, I do sometimes like to pop on a frock and I have particular dresses that are perfect for casual wear so here is my post to help you with dress practically whilst also keeping your retro vibes!

My number 1 tip is to invest in a pair of good jeans. Preferably ones that have a retro vibe to them and are high waisted as these will be the basis to a lot of your casual outfits. Now, this may take some trial and error but it'll be worth it when you find them, I promise. Some brands I can recommend/know people love are - Lady K Loves, Freddies Of Pinewood, Bernie Dexter and Collectif Clothing. It all depends whether you like a super-tight bad gal fit or a looser more 'authentic' casual fit. I personally have both - well as close to the looser fit as suits me. It's good to be able to change up your 'look' so you don't get bored of t-shirt & jean combo and I definitely feel that different outfits have different vibes so it's good to be able to switch things up when you feel like it! The two pairs of jeans that I wear on rotation are my trusty worn-to-death Lady K Love's Hug Me Baby Jeans and my newly-acquired Collectif Kirsty Jeans (Video review here!). The HMB are a slightly looser proper-denim fit and the Kirsty's are a suck-it-in tight thinner denim fit (if that makes sense?).

Another trouser option or if jeans aren't your thang, then I would definitely suggest getting a pair of cigarette trousers and/or capris. I seem to have accumulated a TON of trousers this year when I realised my trouser drawer was looking a little light so I have a sweet collection going which pleases me greatly! I'll show you my faves in the pictures below!

Once you have your jeans, you can pretty much pair them with anything! As long as your denim is properly high waisted you can't really go wrong.  If you can keep your hair/makeup looking as 'retro' as you can then even just a plain t-shirt works really well with them. I often rock this look as I love it's simple 'I just threw this on' vibe which is often the case when you're a busy mumma like moi (and that way it doesn't matter if I get spewed on throughout the day, haha!). I am by no means 'authentic' and definitely go for more of a 'pinup' look over a 'vintage' look which definitely makes my life easier in terms of casual dress, however if you are more of an authentic gal I would recommend Freddies Of Pinewood & Vivien Of Holloway for tops and jeans.

If it's not a plain t-shirt, then my favourite tops to wear are either little fluffy sweaters (I'm gaga over the sweater girl look), my Atomic Swag Tee's, The Original Bad Girl tops, gypsy tops, slash neck tops or sweet button up shirts. The possibilities are really endless!

Accessories also play a big part in keeping a pinup gal vibe to your outfits. Hair flowers are great for jazzing up a plain ponytail. And if you can master a simple front roll (seen in lots of my pictures on here!) then you're pretty much set. Hair scarfs are also my life saviour - be it nylon or my big silk one for when I want a proper full cover turban (great for bad hair days!). Get a couple of pairs of earrings that match the majority of your casual wardrobe (navy and red are good options) to jazz up your look. I love Luxulite's hoops. Splendette do some beautiful bangles for some arm candy too!

Shoes? I love wearing trainers such as Vans or Converse for a super casual feel or a little pair of dolly shoes will be just fine. I love my pointed toe flats from New Look as they have a real feminine touch to them. The little cheap plimsolls from Primark are also a winner in my boots too!

So I know pictures say a thousand words so I'll show you my favourite casual outfits so you can get an idea of how I rock the casual retro gal look! Be warned there will be a LOT of pictures now! And to save me writing it out a billion times 'Jeans by LKL' is the Hug Me Baby Jeans by Lady K Loves.

 Top by The Original Bad Girl. Jeans by LKL. Leather jacket by Primark.

Hair band by Be Bop A Headbands. Top by River Island. Jeans by LKL. Sunjellies shoes.
 Top by Primark. Jeans by LKL. Brooch by Erstwilder.

 Top by Atomic Swag. Jeans by LKL.
 Top by Bonsai Kitty. Jeans by LKL. (I was preggo here!)
 Top by The Oblong Box Shop. Trousers by Not So Plain Baby Jane. Brooch by Glitter Paradise.

 Top by Dressed To Kill. Jean Leggings by Matalan. Shoes by Primark.
 Top by Select. Brooch by Deer Arror. Jeans by LKL.
 Top by The Original Bad Girl. Jeans by LKL.
 Cardigan by Collectif. Hair flower by Doll Me Up Inc. Jeans & Tank top by Primark.
 Top by Doll Me Up inc. Jeans by LKL.
 Top by Atomic Swag. Jeans by LKL.
 Sweater is vintage. Capris by Voodoo Vixen.
 Shirt by Voodoo Vixen. Kirsty Jeans by Collectif.
Jumper by Primark. Trousers by Collectif.
 Top by Vivien Of Holloway. Cigarette Pants by Booboo Kitty Couture.
Sweater by Select. Jeans by LKL.

Phew! I bet you're sick of seeing my booty in my Hug Me Baby's by Lady K Loves now, ay? :'D I hope this gave you some outfit inspiration for those casual days.You don't have to wear a dress to feel glam and retro!

I hope you enjoyed my post. Thanks for reading,
All my love,