Monday, 13 June 2016

Matilda & Me: My Top Baby Teething Recommendations! ft. COMOTOMO

Aloha, lovelies! Something a little different today. The first in a series of baby-related posts that I will be doing here on my blog. As you may or may not know, I am a mummy to a 5 month old Matilda-Mae who blessed my life 5th January 16. Being a mother is the best thing in the world and I have learned SO much since beginning this crazy-rewarding-tiring journey called motherhood. One thing that quickly became apparent to me, long before I actually got the meet my baby, was that support from fellow mums/mums to be is one of the most important special things you can have during this crazy life-changing period. Nothing can prepare for it so having other people in the same boat is a massive help. It certainly makes you feel less alone during those middle-of-the-night feeds. When I was pregnant I started a facebook support group for mums/mums to be who liked retro-style and it blossomed into the most wonderful supportive friendly community of beautiful like-minded women all going through the same/similar things. The group is called 'Retro Mummies & Pregnant Pinups' and for anyone interested here is the link -

Anyway, back to the actual reason for this post! Matilda-Mae started teething early and has been teething for over 2 months. She has only now just cut her first tooth with the second one attempting to make its way through now (boo!). As most Mumma's will know... Teething is HELL. I can't lie it is bloody terrible. So I've got my list of must-haves for this testing time that will hopefully help you get through the screaming-rosy-cheeked-dribbly phase of teething.

Anbesol Liquid
My first and number one recommendation is Anbesol Liquid. It is a antiseptic and an anesthetic. It is the only teething product that I have found that actually provides immediate relief. I was advised to try things myself so I actually know what they do before putting them on baby and I'm glad I did. It immediately tingles/numbs the gum which is exactly what you want for a baby with irritated sore gums. So if you get this one (please do!!) then try it yourself! I just hold my finger over the bottle, tip it up then rub it onto her gums. It's made for all ages and can be also used for ulcers and denture irritation too. Anbesol also sell a gel but make sure you get the little liquid bottle. I got mine from behind the prescription counter at Boots.

Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules

My second recommendation is Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules. Now, when I first got these and tried them out on Matilda I was really disappointed. I didn't think they did anything. I gave them another try and discovered how they worked best for us. I like to use these when Matilda is trying to have a nap/get to sleep and sprinkle them into her mouth to soothe her before bed. They are a homeopathic remedy which means they are safe and side-effect free. They come in little individual sachets which if I'm honest I found a bit of a faff and they've often ended up all over my baby's chin rather than her mouth :'D but once you get them in they work a treat. I liked that you could give these every two hours for up to six doses so once they wear off you can give them again rather than other treatments that are only once or twice a day. There are a few different variety's of granules and I've only tried these. Some have different dosage frequencies so make sure you check on the packet first.

 Mama & Belle Teething Jewellery
My next recommendation is actually something for mum AND baby! Fancy that?! Mama & Belle create a gorgeous range jewellery that mum can wear and baby can chew on! The beads are made from a BPA free super safe silicone. The same silicone used for bottle teats and dummies. The necklaces are made with a breakaway clasp so if pulled on too hard the clasp will open and the beads are strung on a multi-weave nylon string so it is super strong. They have some really beautiful designs and there is something for everyone's taste from bright fun colours (me!) to chic neutrals. I will be doing some photographs with my Mama & Belle necklace and bracelet soon so keep your eyes peeled on my social media for those!

Comotomo Silicone Teether
Get yourself a variety of teething toys. Each baby has their own preferences and I've tried quite a different toys in a bid to salvage my sanity and Matilda definitely has a favourite - the Comotomo silicone teether. I was sent this by a PR company to try and when it arrived it was like nothing I've ever seen before! It definitely has some kind of futuristic vibes to it but I can tell it has a lot of design-genius behind it. It's like a four legged octopus. It's made of a soft silicone that is flexible so baby can really have a good chew and navigate it around their gums. The 'prongs' have little textured bumps on them for massaging their sore gums. It is designed to be perfect for little hands to hold. Something I have found with other teething toys is they are always quite big and bulky! As Matilda started teething young her little hands couldn't hold most of them let along put them in her mouth, but the Comotomo one is sized perfectly. It can go in your sterilizer and is super easy to clean. You can pick the comotomo silicone teether up from quite a few places online if you google it but here is the Amazon link -
 Are you ready for a Matilda-teething-picture-spam?

Other things that have been suggested to me but I haven't yet tried are...
-Frozen breastmilk/formula in an ice lolly form
- A cold carrot to chomp on
-Bickiepegs Teething Biscuits

So, those are my top suggestions to help you get through the teething phase! I'd like to say it doesn't last long... but I know babies who have been teething for like a year so I'M SORRY! We can do this together!

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