Monday, 4 April 2016

Step Into Spring With Doll Me Up!

 Aloha, spring chickens! I just cannot believe it's APRIL already!? It's scary how quickly this year is going already... Even scarier when you have a baby who doesn't stop changing and growing every day! However, the great thing about the year going quickly is that the weather just keeps getting better and better! It's been so lovely to dust off all of the pastels and florals ready for the sunshine.

One of my favourite things about Spring is the new blossoming flowers. There is something about the bright colours of the florals that wash over your local parks and gardens that brings me instant happiness. When I was younger, I went through a phase of wanting to be a florist so I have always had a penchant for pretty blossoms. It's lovely and refreshing to see the once dead-from-the-winter trees and grass come to live again for a new season.

My entire outfit (bar shoes) is by American company Doll Me Up founded by Krista Apodaca. I couldn't resist this Cherry Tree Lane skirt when I first set eyes on it... It is so bright and fresh. I love that there are so many different tops you could pair with the skirt as it has such a variety of shades in the print such as aqua, pink, green and white. I cannot wait to continue to style this skirt in as many ways as possible. I might even do another blog post about it.

The Tootsie Cardigan by Doll Me Up is (I'm pretty sure) one of their best sellers and I can see why! I have never loved a cardigan as much... I mean what could be so special about a cardigan?! The crop and sleeves give it an super feminine feel that I just adore and I most certainly need every colour (DMU literally sell every single colour!). All Doll Me Up items are linked below.

- Outfit Details -
All c/o Doll Me Up
Shoes - Primark 

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I hope you are making the most of the sunshine, especially if you're in the UK as you just don't know how long it'll last!!!
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