Saturday, 6 February 2016

Retro Reviews: Deluxe Creations

Aloha honey's! Now, if you know me you'll know that glitter lucite is one of my favourite things in the whole wide world. I just can't resist a good bit of sparkle. I do have quite a large collection of jewellery but my Deluxe Creations stash is by far one of my most loved... And when you see the photo's you'll know why.

Deluxe Creations is an Etsy jewellery store based in Perth, Australia. From kitsch doggy brooches to straight up glamorous hoops - they have something for everyone. The thing that impressed me the most about DC was the beautiful array of different glitters and colours their creations come in. I feel like they really offer something unique in the wonderful world of resin accessories (as I personally do find a lot of it can be a bit 'samey').

The quality is one of the best I've seen and the attention to detail is flawless. Samantha (The boss lady behind Deluxe Creations) was kind enough to offer to create me a custom pair of hoops and after much deliberation I chose black with a gold leaf running through them. The concept of being able to create my own pair made me giddy like a child! Samantha knew exactly what I wanted and by golly did she deliver. When my DC haul arrived I was blown away... Not just by the box of glittering sparkles, but by the perfect craftsmanship.

Another thing that stood out to me whilst browsing their Etsy store was the price. I was completely surprised by how affordable everything was. The big statement hoops I ordered range from £9-£10 which is incredibly good value for a pair of stunning earrings... Especially when they're handmade and you know a lot of work has gone into making them.

I chose the Icicle Sparkle dangles, Mischief at Midnight hoops, Moon Glow Gold hoops and then obviously my black & gold leaf custom hoops. Samantha was also lovely enough to surprise me with a pair of teal blue domed earrings too. I don't have my ears pierced so got all of mine as clip on's. As everything is handmade DC's stock is changing regularly although I'm sure if you had something specific you wanted Samantha would be able to sort you out.

Now to show you the bling bling...
WARNING: You may want to put sunglasses on for this sparkle ;-D


 The Icicle earrings on.

 My custom gold leaf pair.

 The Moon Glow Gold pair.

 My surprise blue dome earrings.

 The clip-on backs.

 Thank you for reading my post,
I hope you hop on over to Deluxe Creations Etsy Store and have a swoon over their glitzy goodies. Their customer service is fabulous too.

All my love,