Friday, 26 February 2016

OOTD: Sweet like chocolate... ft. Vendula London

Aloha, honeys! Even before I got into the whole retro thing... I was a sucker for anything kitsch so when Vendula London contacted me to see if I would like to feature one of their bags on my blog I was delighted. I had admittedly never heard of the brand before but I had definitely seen their iconic bags in various independent shops and because they are so recognizable it was easy to tell they were  by Vendula London. Upon browsing their site, my heart instantly longed for one of their infamous 'Grab Bags'. They are bags that look like various buildings from a pub to a sushi bar to a tea room to a florist to a perfumers - there is really something for everyone. I chose the Chocolatiers bag because... well, you know... chocolate. Also the fact that it is a gorgeous pink which is my favourite colour. Now what's not to love about a bag that combines my two favourite things?! 

When it came to styling this bag, I *instantly* knew what to pair it with. Hmmm... What could go with a pink bag that also goes with the chocolate theme... My Pinup Girl Clothing Harlequin Jenny Skirt in Chocolate Brown and Red (with lots of pink too!) of course! I decided to finish this kick-ass outfit off with a pink cropped fluffy jumper that I got a couple of years ago from good ol' Primark. I love this outfit and think the gorgeous bag ties everything together beautifully. I also kept with my as-always 60's vibes with a half-up-half-down beehive and my awesome Luxulite pink hoops.

The bag itself is superb quality. I was actually pleasantly surprised as sometimes more kitsch themed clothes/bags can be slightly lesser quality than say a plain black leather bag. It came packaged in a logo'ed dust bag which again was a really nice touch. As well as the standard short handles, it also comes with an additional long shoulder strap with is essential for me as I always prefer a longer strap so I can be hands free.

The Chocolatiers Grab Bag is surprisingly roomy and practical which is something I always look for. I can't be using those teeny-weeny-can-only-fit-lipstick-in clutch bags. The more crap I can fit in it the better :'D, especially as I'm a mum now (excuse for more crap!).

Outfit Details
Fluffy jumper - Primark
Jenny Skirt - Pinup Girl Clothing (sold out)


 The little white hanging sign on the bag is actually 3d... It swings on the chains! Amaze!

 The longer shoulder strap

Thanks for reading my post and do give Vendula London a peek as they have some seriously gorgeous bags & purses. They would make the perfect gift, especially for Mothers Day!

All my love,