Thursday, 17 December 2015

How To Do 60's In The Winter!? ft Bright & Beautiful + OOTD

Aloha, candy canes! As you may (or may not!) have noticed that I have been dipping my toes in the wonderful world of the Sixties! And I am definitely loving it! Ever since I was younger, I was always told my best feature is my long legs so it's been nice to rekindle my love for them and show them off with shorter hems as oppose to the past-the-knee 50's lengths I am use to.

The only problem with the short hems of the shifts and mini dresses are that they may leave you a little on the chilly side! So I've teamed up with retro brand Bright & Beautiful to give you my top tips for embracing the 60's but also making it cold-weather appropriate for the winter!

Bright & Beautiful is a brand that fully embraces the silhouettes and prints of the 60's and 70's. It balances modern wearable not-fancy-dress with authentic retro flare which can be tricky with the slightly later eras. The collection is available to buy on here Collectif and they have just released some beautiful winter check prints that are definitely worth checking out!

My first tip is to layer your dresses and tops! Whether that's with a high neck sweater or a button up shirt. To amp up the warmth even more, I like to wear vest tops (you can ever go one step further and make it a thermal vest top if it's really chilly outside!) hidden underneath the sweaters too as a bonus layer! Not only do the extra layers keep you nice and toasty but they also add a whole new twist on your outfit whilst also keeping it retro. I love how you can wear a contrasting sweater under a shift dress and it can completely transform your dress into something new (even if you've worn the same dress 100 times!).

 Invest in a 60's style coat!
It may sound a bit obvious, but I would definitely say get a coat that is suited to 60's outfits so you don't have to ruin your outfit by completely loosing the sixties vibe but putting a big long coat on. As a lover of the 50's, all of my coats are around knee length or longer and they look slightly odd with my short shift dresses and colourful tights. Fortunately, because 1960's style coats are usually shorter and appeal more to the more 'modern general public', it means they are cheaper and easier to find on the high street in places such as Miss Selfridge, Primark, George @ Asda and ASOS. However,  If you want something more authentic (and probably a lot more fabulous!) then Bright & Beautiful have a gorgeous selection of coats which you can check out by clicking here. I am lucky enough to own the Checked Mariella coat in Navy which is such a statement and absolutely stunning. I find that most 60's-syle coats tend to be quite plain but I love that the Mariella coat makes its own statement and looks gorgeous buttoned all the way up.

 At the time of publishing this blog post (17/12/15) the Mariella coat is HALF PRICE at only £57.50 so snap it up while you can!!!! Click here to buy.

I feel like tights are pretty much a necessity with the short short dresses and skirts of the sixties , but why not double up your hosiery to double up the warmth?! Because let's face it, a thin pair of 30 denier tights aint' gunna keep the chill out! I know colourful tights can really add a whole other level to a 60's outfit so you can always pair a plain black or nude pair underneath your fun coloured pair as an extra layer. Primark sell a range of tights called 'Super Cosy' and they come in a couple of colours, such as Navy which would definitely be worth investing in to keep your pins nice and toasty in the colder months.

Outfit Details 
Hair Scarf - Vintagious Hair
Black High Neck Sweater - Primark
Tessa 60s Dress - Bright & Beautiful via Collectif Clothing 
Shoes - Primark

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my post :-)
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