Thursday, 19 November 2015

Sixties Style Dresses On The Highstreet

Aloha, lovelies! Now, I have always very much been a 50's gal who liked to occasionally dabble in 40's however recently I have found a new love for the 60's. It's no secret that I have always loved a good beehive, but I had never really fallen head over heels with sixties fashion... Until now. I am really digging the little shift dresses and colourful tights, as well as the awesomely-ginormous hair and graphic makeup.
The great thing about this era is that it seems to be much easier to find on the high street compared to 40's/50's style clothing (even though there are TONNES of reproduction, there isn't much that fits in with those eras on the high street or in your local supermarket). So, my post today is going to be sharing my sixties high-street/supermarket finds with you!


Image 1 of Glamorous Shift Dress with Scallop Trim 

See? There are LOADS of amazing sixties-inspired bargains out there just waiting for you to snap up! The best places to hunt are, tesco and asos. Just search 'shift dress' and look out for roll neck or high necked ones. 
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed :)

All my love,