Sunday, 29 November 2015

Maternity Lookbook for Voodoo Vixen - 'Breana' Dress

Aloha, bunnies! I have my third and final installment to my Maternity Lookbook for Voodoo Vixen for you today featuring the 'Breana' dress. If you'd like to check out post one which features the Paula dress then click here or if you'd like to check out my second post which features the Tiger-Lilly dress then click here. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, the dresses I am featuring aren't specifically made for maternity however they have been tried and tested by yours truly who is heavily pregnant (8 months!) to give you the down low on fit, sizing and features.

About Me & Sizing
Currently (and when I shot this lookbook), I am 8 months pregnant and due on the 4th of January with my first who just so happens to be a little girl. Before pregnancy, I very much sat between size small and medium depending on the style of the dress and the company so for me it was quite easy to go half a size up to accommodate my tummy. I have been very fortunate in that I haven't gained much weight anywhere else apart from my stomach and waist so I am pretty much all baby (or so everyone tells me!). My bump is pretty average sized (however, I've now found out I have a pretty big baby and I am measuring a week ahead!) and it changes the way it sits all the time depending on whether shes engaged or not and her positioning - sometimes it's very high up under my ribs and other times it sits quite low.
 Unlike the Paula dress and the Tiger-Lilly, this one I sized up twice in to a Large as it doesn't have much stretch at all and it is quite fitted in the body. In hindsight, I could have stuck to the Medium as the Large came up pretty big on me, particularly in the arms hence why I have folded them up in my photo's so they fit a little better and don't look baggy. However, the fact that the dress is quite big for me just makes it SUPER comfortable to wear and because it is a slightly heavier more 'flowy' material than the other dresses it still hangs nicely and isn't much of a problem. 
As you will see from the pictures, the Breana dress is slightly shorter and your bump will lift the dress at the front a little so bare that in mind too. For reference, I am around 5ft7.5.
The 'Breana' dress is available in sizes S-L.
 Fit & Features
The Breana dress is a thicker material than most other Voodoo Vixen dresses which makes it perfect for the colder months. It also looks perfect paired with tights and you can't really tell here but I went a bit jazzy and paired mine with some emerald green tights to add a bit of autumnal colour. I think some burgundy or navy tights would also work really well too. Similar to the 'Tiger-Lilly' this dress is totally office-appropriate and definitely has a more 'professional' vibe to it whilst still remaining fabulous. The stand-out feature of this dress is definitely the collar and because of the heavier material it almost has structure which gives the dress an amazing shape and vintage-feel. When unrolled, the sleeves are quite a bit longer being more 3/4 length as oppose to the half length I've worn them. The bow detail on the waist band adds a feminine touch to the Breana dress and the button detailing on the collar breaks up the plaid pattern perfectly. 

Outfit Details
Hair Bow - Vintage
Tights & Shoes - Primark
Brown Bag - Collectif


Excuse the crazy blue/brightness on these two photo's... We were actually shooting in darkness so were playing around with lighting and filters.

 And that concludes my Maternity Lookbook for one of my favourite brands - Voodoo Vixen. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed featuring them and a big thank you to the Voodoo Vixen team for collaborating with me on this project. I am very passionate about ensuring pregnant women don't feel forced to don leggings & jumpers (which there is nothing wrong with... I do it at least twice a week when I just want comfort) but they know that there ARE options out there for us bump-sporting babes... You just need to know what to look out for :-).

I have some more maternity-friendly dress posts coming up featuring Dolly & Dotty and Collectif so keep your peepers peeled for those.

All my love,