Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Maternity Lookbook for Voodoo Vixen - 'Tiger Lilly' Dress

Aloha, lovelies! I have part two of my Maternity Lookbook for Voodoo Vixen and today's dress is the Tiger Lilly dress. If you'd like to check out part one of the lookbook featuring the Paula dress then click here! As I mentioned in my previous post, the dresses that I will be featuring are not actually specifically made for maternity but they have been tried and tested by yours truly (at 8 months pregnant!) to let you know my opinions on the fit and sizing of the dresses particularly if you're sporting a beautiful baby bump!

In case you haven't read part one of the series, I will repeat the information about myself and my size for reference so if you've already read it in the first post then you can skip this next paragraph! :-)

About Me & Sizing
Currently (and when I shot this lookbook), I am 8 months pregnant and due on the 4th of January with my first who just so happens to be a little girl. Before pregnancy, I very much sat between size small and medium depending on the style of the dress and the company so for me it was quite easy to go half a size up to accommodate my tummy. I have been very fortunate in that I haven't gained much weight anywhere else apart from my stomach and waist so I am pretty much all baby (or so everyone tells me!). My bump is pretty average sized and it changes the way it sits all the time depending on whether shes engaged or not and her positioning - sometimes it's very high up under my ribs and other times it sits quite low.
I am wearing a Size Medium and it is a fantastic fit. Similar to the 'Paula' dress, it isn't lined meaning it has a nice amount of stretch to it. If you're in doubt about which size to order, then just simply drop the Voodoo Vixen customer service team an email (they're great!), let them know you're pregnant and what your usual size is. Just note that as with all dresses, your bump will lift the front of the dress slightly so please bare that in mind, although I have never really found it hindered the look of the dress much. The dress sits approximately a couple of inches above my knee's with my tummy and I'm about 5"7.5ish.
The Tiger-Lilly dress is available in sizes S - 4XL.
Fit & Features
The 'Tiger-Lilly' dress is perfect for cooler weather as it would look great paired with thick black tights and a cardigan. It is also very office appropriate and the velvet houndstooth print gives the dress a real sophisticated vibe. The statement collar is a beautifully feminine touch and leather-look buttons along the side make the dress look very chic and elegant. One of the best features of the dress definitely has to be the fact it has POCKETS! Wahoo, everybody loves a good pocket (or two!). 
It has 3/4 length sleeves which definitely make it more autumn/winter appropriate. As with most Voodoo Vixen dresses, the Tiger-Lilly also comes with a matching belt, but I've never really been a fan of wearing belts whilst pregnant... I think my massive tummy is restricting enough and I just think clothing tends to sit better without a belt when you're preggo, but of course you have that option if you want it. 
Outfit Details
Shoes - Primark

Now for the pictures...

Thank you for reading the next post in my series! The third & final post will be up soon featuring the Breana dress so stay tuned for that on my blog! 
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