Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Maternity Lookbook for Voodoo Vixen - 'Paula' Dress

Aloha, sugar plums! Myself and Voodoo Vixen have teamed up to bring you our Maternity Lookbook. The dresses featured aren't actually made for maternity, but they have been tried & tested (by myself!) to show you that you definitely can rock them with an ever-growing belly! You don't need to loose your sass just because you're pregnant so I'm here to show you which dresses really work well and are comfortable when you are expecting. I will also be covering size and fit as I know a lot of mums-to-be often ask me whether they should size up for certain styles. 

The great thing about Voodoo Vixen dresses are that the swing/flared styles tend to have a bit of stretch to them and the waists are on the slightly bigger side (however, most of the dresses come with a belt so you can tighten it if you want to nip your waist in! Essential for post-pregnancy!)  compared to some other brands meaning they work perfectly for an expanding mid-section.

Originally, my plan was to do this lookbook on one giant post, however I think that will just be overwhelming to read (and to write! Haha!) so I will do a seperate post for each dress. There are three dresses I will be showing you and first up we have the Paula dress.

About Me & Sizing
Currently (and when I shot this lookbook), I am 8 months pregnant and due on the 4th of January with my first who just so happens to be a little girl. Before pregnancy, I very much sat between size small and medium depending on the style of the dress and the company so for me it was quite easy to go half a size up to accommodate my tummy. I have been very fortunate in that I haven't gained much weight anywhere else apart from my stomach and waist so I am pretty much all baby (or so everyone tells me!). My bump is pretty average sized and it changes the way it sits all the time depending on whether shes engaged or not and her positioning - sometimes it's very high up under my ribs and other times it sits quite low.
I am wearing a Size Medium and it fits great as it isn't lined meaning it has a nice amount of stretch to it. The torso is a little longer on this dress, but I just shimmy it up so the waist seam sits above my bump comfortably. If you're in doubt about which size to order, then just simply drop the Voodoo Vixen customer service team an email (they're great!), let them know you're pregnant and what your usual size is. 
The Paula dress is available in sizes S - 4XL.

Fit & Features
The Paula dress is definitely one of my favourite dresses. It is made from a navy blue taffeta with a velvety oriental bird print all over. The dress has lots of unique details that just make it perfect evenings out or festive do's (despite the fact I wore mine to a Christmas market last week! It got lots of compliments :D).
 It features 3/4 length sleeves which I adore as they're perfect for colder months when you don't want to cover up your pretty dress with a cardigan, a triple keyhole neckline which adds a real feminine touch without exposing much skin and four satin buttons down the front. This dress also comes with a black satin belt, however I didn't wear mine as belts don't work that great with bumps! 
The dress sits about knee length depending on your height which for me is the perfect length, especially when your mahoosive tummy shortens everything at the front. 

I had a lot of fun taking the photo's for this Lookbook so I hope you don't mind the amount of pictures on this blog post :-) If you would like to buy the Paula dress, there is a link here - 

Thank you for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed it and you are looking forward to the rest of the series! The next two dresses I will be featuring are the Breana dress and the Tiger-Lilly so stay tuned for those!

All my love,