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The Style Diary: Tara MiSioux

Aloha, my lovelies! I have my next Style Diary post for you and today's Babe is the ever-fabulous Tara MiSioux! A mega fox who I have admired for a while now. Her platinum classic chic-as-hell aesthetic, her blog The Pink Collar Life that she writes with other mega-babe Ashlyn Coco and aside from the fact she is the epitome is old-school glamour, she is also a Mother. Unlike my other Style Diary's I have left the questions in this time. I hope you enjoy!
'Hey everybody!  This is Tara MiSioux from Southern California.  I take on many titles and responsibilities from burlesque dancer and model, to wife and mother, and most recently... co-blogger on The Pink Collar Life.  

Who are your biggest influence's and why? 
Depending on what area of life I am focusing on, I have different people and things that influence me for each area.  My mother inspires me to be a better mom to my two boys, and that I can achieve goals even if I should have started ten years ago.   For fashion and creative decisions, I look to bombshells and dancers of the past such as Marilyn, Mamie, and Mansfield, as well as Tempest, Lili, and Dixie.  There are also plenty of inspiring people today, and using technology like Instagram is amazing for that. I follow accounts that are positive and inspiring, and make me want to be a more creative person. 

How would you describe your style?

Since I do have so many influences, I feel like I have subtle changes in my style month-to-month.  I may come across a photo of Dale Evans and whip out my favorite embroidered western blouse, or a Marilyn film could get me feeling my wiggle dresses or skirts. I have never labeled myself Rockabilly or anything else, but the typical person on the street may refer to me as such.   I enjoy styles from the 40s-60s, but will take any unique item from any era and rock it!

Where are your favourite places to shop?
I LOVE to shop!  Thrift stores and flea markets are my jam!  Not only have I found some amazing steals, but I can't remember a time I walked into the room wearing the same outfit as another girl in the room.  I share the same style and aesthetic as many, but I never want to be wearing the same thing. 
What are your top three favourite pieces in your wardrobe?
I have a closet exploding with so many great vintage finds, like lurex catsuits and dresses to formal gowns…. but for everyday, which is running errands with my kids and still wanting to incorporate my flare, I typically wear staple reproductive pieces.  Lately those have been:
-My high waisted black cigarette pants by Jools Couture.  Over at The Pink Collar Life we were approached by this company out of Australia we had never heard of.  This has been our favorite thing to come out of PCL, they make quality vintage inspired pieces, and I can't get enough of these pants that provide comfort, and still make me feel sexy.  I typically pair with a cotton slash tee and brooch, or a graphic tee.
-Graphic tees! Mischief Made was another company who approached us, and we have had the pleasure to work with several times already.  We even just collaborated and released two designs with Mischief Made including "Double Trouble" and "Flamingo" designs. 
-Finally, my yellow gingham dress by The Pretty Dress Company.  A disappointing revelation about reproduction lines, is so many of them are low quality.  They don't look the same after you wash them, or get a hole in the seam the first time you try it on.  The Pretty Dress Company is another high quality, vintage inspired line, and this dress makes me feel  pretty (no pun) with little effort to get ready. 

Tara and her blogging partner Ashlyn also have their own collaboration with amazing t-shirt company Mischief Made... I know I need ALL of them! They are amazing.

What is your signature look/outfit? 
Mixing my old punk days with classic bombshell.  As a teen I was a crazy punk rocker, and I remember getting into arguments with my mom when I wanted her to buy me these tight, black sheen capris to go with my leather jacket and tore up band tees.  Today I am still on the hunt for those black sheen pants, but instead of tore up bands tees, I'd wear them with a pink cashmere sweater, vintage coat, or anything that goes with sparkling earrings.  I even picture myself in 30 years still rocking cigarette pants.  At The Pink Collar Life, our most popular post is "50s Bad Girl." It is a three part series, all featuring catsuits or capris.  Our latest edition was in Bernie Dexter Clothing silver lurex 2 piece suits.  I think it was my favorite to date! 
Your most-loved era?
Choosing a favorite era is a toughy. 15 years ago I would have said the 1970s for the punk scene, especially in London.  The 1940s in America, and around the world, was life changing in good and bad aspects.  The war was raging, but those at home were finding ways to cope by creating entertaining movies, music and fashion…. and do I even need to mention the start of the pinup?! The 1950s and into the 1960s includes my favorite range of cars and rockabilly musicians.   
What's on your current shopping wish list?
Everytime I am getting ready, I tell myself I need 30 more pairs of shoes.  I never seem to have enough, and never in the color I need.  I also wear through my shoes rather quickly, so I can't seem to keep up. 

What is your most prized vintage possession?
I try not to get too attached to my vintage clothing, and more-so enjoy my household items like my two piece, black and gold, mid century peacock and tail vase, set of panther lamps and original matching shades, or my set of chalk ware, spanish dancers wall hangings.  
Would you ever consider trying a new look (different eras, styles, a piece of clothing)? If so, what would you like to experiment in?
I'd be interested to see what a 1920s/30s look what be like for a photo shoot, but it's just not me, and I would not feel comfortable. Just like when someone hands me a dress today and says, "This looks like something you'd wear." If it doesn't fall below the knee, it's out of the question.  

Your make up essentials?
My makeup drawer is a mix of brands and products.  For foundation and powder I prefer MAC and/or Makeup Forever.  These are expensive, but they are the best color match, have good consistency for my skin, and I notice I get breakouts if I use cheap products.  I have used MAC Russian Red lipstick for ever! and I believe its the Ruby Woo liner, I know it's not the same color name as the lipstick. Some other products I am loyal to are the Bobbi Brown gel eye liner, and Maybelline glam black mascara in the yellow bottle.  
If you had to incorporate the same item of clothing every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
I would wear cigarette pants everyday for the rest of my life. I can wear it casual with flats and a tee or dress it up with vintage sparkling heels and jewelry. 

Tell us about your favourite hair style…
The easiest hairstyle for me, and my favorite look on myself is to pin my hair, then slightly brush it out. I like a tight brushed out curl, very Mansfield looking, without looking too overly manicured.  When it is hot, or wearing a high collared top, dress, or jacket, I have a couple of different updo techniques similar to a poodle-do.  Although I prefer my hair down, the worst is when the under part of your hair flattens or gets sweaty, yuck!  
If ladies wanted to dress in the same style as you, what staples would they need to get started and do you have any style advice for them?
Gosh, pencil skirts, capris, and cardigans make up the majority of my looks.  I like to have sex appeal, but always keeping class and confidence in mind.  Too much cleavage is just not for me, these DD's show enough on their own.  Confidence is the best fashion tip though. Have you ever seen someone in person or on Instagram and you can tell they are just dressed for the picture? or dressed to look like someone else?  I can see right through it.

Where can we find you?  
 Instagram: TaraMiSioux  &  ThePinkCollarLife

Isn't she just the most glamorous lady you've ever seen!?
I hope you enjoyed the latest post in my Style Diary series... I've still got a whole host of babes to share with you so keep your eyes peeled!

Thank you for reading <3

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