Saturday, 4 July 2015

Accessory Week: Viva La Lux

Aloha, honey's! The second post in my Accessory Week series is featuring gorgeous jewelry brand Viva La Lux. They are a vintage reproduction Lucite & Bakelite website based in Scotland run by a lovely lady called Bonnie. The first thing I noticed about Viva La Lux were the prices - they are so affordable. They have a stunning range of brooches, necklaces and earrings in a wide variety of colours and styles. Viva La Lux also offer a custom service so you really can get the perfect pair of earrings to match your dress! The earrings are available in studs and clip ons which is a massive bonus for gals like me with super sensitive ears. Everything is handmade by Bonnie and the quality is beautiful. They also ship internationally.
Next on my wish list from Viva La Lux is their Tiki Kitsch Celluloid necklace. Look at how stunning it is!! They literally have an accessory to for every outfit <3
Tiki Kitsch celluloid 1940's 50's necklace vintage inspired handmade by VivaLaLux

Instagram - @VivaLaLux

My pieces -

I really do hope you check out Viva La Lux and support a local business that also just happens to be awesome and affordable!
Thank you for reading and have a perfect day!
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