Saturday, 16 May 2015

Retro Reviews: Pip and Pantalaimon

 Pip & Pantalaimon

Aloha, buttercups! I was lucky enough to be sent some beautiful lingerie company Pip & Pantalaimon.  They are a UK-based (more specifically Oxford) small brand who make the most luxurious sophisticated undergarments. They are handmade to the highest quality and the attention to details is just perfection. I was sent the 'Black Lace and Red Mesh vintage 1950s style Soft bra' (£37.95), 'Black Lace and Red Mesh Knickers' (£19.95) and 'High waisted briefs with detachable suspender straps Black Lace and Red Mesh Vintage 1950s pin up style' (£29.95). I love that the bra can undo at the front, admittedly I would probably never use the fastening but I think it's a lovely touch and adds something interesting and unique to the design. My favourite piece/design is definitely the highwaisted briefs - mainly because of the detachable suspender clips. I think that is a genius idea! I also love that the suspender clips are metal and are 'doubled' (I don't know what the correct term is, but I'm sure you know what I mean!!). Your stockings wont be going ANYWHERE if you're wearing these. The quality of these pieces are just top of the out of this world. The price is a little steep for what I'm usually use to but these are luxurious pieces and every girl should treat themselves - or even better... Get someone else to treat you!


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