Sunday, 1 March 2015

Style Inspiration : Western Cowgirl, yeehaw!

Yeehaww, cowgirls! Today,  I have a blog post all about my Western style inspiration! I have been quite frankly obsessed with all things western recently and I am desperate to add a few cowgirl inspired staples to my collection so I can fully embrace it! Leather belts, fringing, tassels, boots and shirts - I love it all! My last 'Style Inspiration' post was all about Vintage Mexicana style, you can read that here.  I love how Western style is so season-friendly and it's easy to go from Summer to Winter by just changing your jeans into a pair of shorts. With all the fringing, I definitely feel like a couple of DIY's are coming on! Gidddddy up!

Pistol-packin' Patsy... do NOT make her mad!
Hollywood heyday: Cowgirls in Westerns
Hollywood heyday...

Some modern styles that have a Western vibe - 

Western Pencil Skirt
Hell Bunny

BooBoo Kitty Couture
One of my favourite shops for Western style pieces is Fables By Barrie. I still dream of being lucky enough to own some of their amazing pieces!
Here are a few of my top picks...
Georgia Dress in Red
Dixie Pants in Navy/Red
I NEED these!
Ivy Skirt/Dakota Shirt in Rose/Ivory
My dream ensemble!
Scarlett Bustier/Lita Shorts
Hell to the YES!

Right, Cowgirls! I hope you enjoyed my western-themed post and feel inspired to don some tassels and boots!
All my love,