Monday, 23 February 2015

The Professional Pinup: What To Wear?

Aloha, plums! I have decided to start a blog series all about 'The Professional Pinup' where I give you my personal advice on how to incorporate pinup style in circumstances where you have to be a bit more 'conservative' with how you dress, for example in the work place... Because sometimes a bright coloured swing dress with a petticoat isn't always 'work appropriate' ;-) (Don't we wish it was!!).
This first post, as you will have guessed from the title, is all about clothing. Just because you're at work doesn't mean you need to loose your retro sass! A few pointers on dressing for the work place are keep skirt length knee-length or below (which most of us vintage gals do anyway!), be careful with necklines - you don't want anything too revealing, but a subtle scoop neck or boat neck work really well too. I wouldn't say there's anything wrong with a *bit* of cleavage, just keep it to a *bit* and maybe save your super mega push up bra for the weekend ;-)! I know us Pinup Dolls love form fitting clothing and I personally think that is fine as long as you stick to the above rules about length and boobage. I would say a great basic casual/smart work outfit would be a pencil skirt, a scoop neck black t-shirt and a pair of mary janes, but you could always smarten it up by adding a nice button up shirt. Here are a couple of work-wear essentials that every pinup should have! I've stuck to dark colours as most work places require you to dress quite monotone (yawn!). Depending on how strict your work place are I'd add a pop of colour with touches of colour on your shoes, belt or maybe a nice hair ribbon.


A pair of capri pants are great as they are obviously smarter than jeans, but are still completely versatile. They can be taken from day to night with either a change of top or some killer heels!

I personally feel a good black pencil skirt is essential for every pinup girl! You can make it as casual or as classy as you feel, but it also works great as a foundation piece for you 'professional' wardrobe as it has the length but doesn't compromise on style. 

Dolores Top Plain 0
 Long Sleeved Cardigan


Black Patent Ballet Pumps  | New Look

Black Comfort Leather Pointed Court Shoes  | New Look

 Brogue T-Bar Court Shoes

I could go on for ages with more suggestions as I actually found quite a lot of really cute 'professional' looking styles whilst browsing. I'd also suggest a nice fitted feminine blazer or a black peplum smart jacket for something a bit jazzier!
I hope you enjoyed this post and are looking forward to more! I hope to suggest hairs styles and also some make up tips for keeping it subtle but still sassy!
Thanks for reading <3 <3