Saturday, 7 February 2015

Leopard Love With Vivien Of Holloway!

Aloha, peaches! Today, I am here with a half outfit post half review of my gorgeous new Vivien Of Holloway Leopard Circle Skirt. I absolutely loved my outfit - it was simple, practical and best of all sassy!
In my opinion, Vivien Of Holloway do the best skirts in the vintage reproduction world... Pencil and circle. Their circle skirts are completely full and a lovely heavy material which means they sit beautifully, especially over petticoats. You often get the problem of skirts being too short, but VoH one's are always the perfect authentic length. The sweater I'm wearing is actually from a charity shop, but VoH also do some very similar ones called Ballerina Sweaters. Crossover sweaters are perfect, because they do their job of keeping you nice and warm, but also don't swamp you whilst keep your feminine silhouette!
I also have a tutorial on this hair style called my 'Five Minute Beehive' - go check it out to complete the look! <3

Outfit Details
Black Nylon Hair Scarf - Natalie Vintagious (You can find her on Instagram!)
Red Cross Over Sweater - Charity Shop
Red Petticoat - Amazon
Seamed Stockings - Ann Summers
Shoes - George @ Asda

Warning! This post is very picture-heavy, but I loved them all so much I just couldn't choose ;-D Thank you to my lovely boyfriend for taking them. I also persuaded him to wear a bit of subtle leopard print to match me, so I've included his little outfit at the end too! <3

And now for my Peach <3

I hope you enjoyed my post just as much as I loved wearing my outfit! 
Thanks for reading! Stay sassy!

All my love,