Wednesday, 25 February 2015

House Of Satin: Black Corselette

Aloha, vixens! As some of you may know, I've been working closely with the family-run brand House Of Satin. I thought it was only appropriate and about time I did a blog post about them :-) However, my posts wont be a overall general review of the brand, as I'm sure you all know that they get five stars from me and I can't recommend them enough, so I thought I'd do something a bit different. As I have quite a few pieces from them, I will be giving each piece an individual review and also including lots of photo's to show you fit, material, sizing and shape. As HoS's site doesn't include pictures of each garment on an actual person, it's sometimes hard to get a feel for how something actually fits on the body. These posts will hopefully be quick and to the point, so I'll try my best not ramble on ;-) They will also however be honest! I promise <3

First of all, we have the Black Corselette With Suspender Clips. It is also available in White and they also have a version which has pants attached. Click here to go directly to the item. It is £25 with free delivery and made in Britain with British-made satin and Nottingham lace. The size I wear is a 34C. You buy these in bra size and not 'body' size. I'm about a 10, so this should give you a good idea of sizing. It fits me nicely, but doesn't suck me in much. If I wanted a slimming affect I'd probably have ordered a size down, or I'd just wear a pair of tummy tucks/spanx underneath which would work perfectly as the Corselette smooths everything out.

The back is scooped which is great if you're wearing a dress which has a lower back. The straps are thick and closer together than your average bra which provides great support and provides perfect comfort. The cups have a lace overlay which on first glance makes it look like the cups are too big for you, but I assure you they fit me perfectly. You get four suspender straps which for me personally, is perfectly fine, but if you prefer to have six then you could always buy a pack and sew two more on.

And here is the most important part... The photo's! I have to note that I am no model, I have imperfections (quite a few at that!) and my skin isn't the best. I take my own photo's with a remote control which has a 2 second timer and use dvd's as a tripod. If you're a regular reader of Atomic Amber, then you'll be familiar with my dog Django who likes to make an appearance in a lot of my photo's... I have tried to crop him out where I can, but you might see the occasional fluffy tail! :'D


Phew! That's a LOT of photo's. I hope this post was useful <3 Let me know what you'd like me to review next... Satin set? Girdle? Dressing gown? Longline bra?

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