Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Corset Comparison: Orchard Corset Cotton CS-411 & Mesh CS-201

Aloha, peaches! On Instagram, I asked if you all wanted to read a post where I reviewed and compared the two corsets I own as they are both very different and you all said yes, yes, yes! So here I am! Both of my corsets are by Orchard Corset. Just a quick disclaimer - I am not an expert in corsets (Not even close), I do not waist train and I am very careful. I'd like to waist train and wear them more, but I think because I have back problems my muscles really bare the brunt of it if I wear one for too long... Nevertheless, I will give you my honest opinions and compare the difference between a mesh corset and a cotton corset for all of those people who are torn between the two!
I thought it would make sense for me to show you myself without a corset initially so you can get an idea of the level of cinching and change in shape.
For anyone wondering, my bra is the Long line Bra by House Of Satin. AKA the best bra ever made (There will be a post all about it soon!!).

No Corset

First of all we have the CS-411 Double Steel Boned Underbust Corset In Black Cotton. This is the first corset I got. It has 18 flat and spiral steel bones and the front is 10". I'd recommend this corset as a first corset for waist training as it has quite a lot of cinch-powder. I got mine is a size too small (Size 20") when I should have gotten a size 22". The only thing that disappointed me about this corset was how bulky it looks under clothes which is something I didn't really think about before, but it is something to definitely consider before purchasing.
This sounds random, but I feel like this corset picks up a lot of dust and fluff (which you'll see from the pictures, ha ha ha!) and is dry clean only. The CS-411 feels very sturdy and secure when you're wearing it and really does hold you in.
- You can cinch yourself fully
- Feels very secure, durable and sturdy
- Can properly waist train in 
- Gives great hour glass shape

- Very visible under clothes
- Can be quite uncomfortable for long periods of time due to its sturdiness 
- Longer time to season
- Will be quite hot and stuffy in warmer climates/situations 

CS-411 Under Clothes
I feel like it actually is a lot more obvious under clothes than these pictures, mainly at the top and bottom. Don't be tempted to tighten the top and bottom of your corset super tight as you'll end up with bulges in all the wrong places!!

 Next we have the CS-201 Steel Boned Waspie Mesh Corset in Black which has 16 spiral and flat steel bones and has 9.75" length front (As you can see, the front goes to a point). I swooned over this corset from the first moment I saw it! After my disappointment with how obvious the CS 411 was under clothes, I knew I needed this one in my life. I also read lots and lots of reviews about how good the mesh looked under clothes, so it went immediately on my wish list. I was lucky enough to be treat to it for Christmas by my lovely Boyfriend. I am really happy with how this looks under clothes and how much more comfortable the shorter waspie shape is. I would say one of the downsides to a waspie shape is that you are more prone to tummy bulge when you sit down, but that can be helped with layering highwaisted briefs, 'tummy tucks' or tights over the tops. I find that really helps to smooth everything out no matter what corset you are wearing.
Something to bare in mind with mesh is that it won't get the super-cinching that you will with a full cotton one because the mesh has more 'give' as it is only one layer. You don't want to pull it too tight or you'll end up resembling a string-tied piece of ham!:') >>>

- Less visible under clothing
- Better for warmer weather as it is very light and breathable
- Shorter so I personally find it more comfortable, however they do have a longer version in Mesh if that suits you better
- Quicker to season

- Doesn't cinch you in as much as a cotton corset
- More prone to tummy bulge due to shorter length 
- Less sturdy because of the single layer mesh
- Can dig in at hips

 CS-201 Under Clothes
As you can see, this corset is a lot less noticeable underneath clothing.

So, my final comparison is that if you want to genuinely try waist-training and want to loose some serious inches then I'd recommend getting the CS-411, but if you want a corset more for the general appearance (under clothes, etc) then go for something like the Mesh CS-201 which still really emphasizes an hourglass shape but is just a bit more practical than the CS-411. As you will see from the collage at the very top of this post, the two corsets give you different shapes. The cotton 411 gives you more of a 'scoop' waist with a smoother silhouette and the mesh 201 gives you quite a sharp 'in-out' shape due to the waist tape. 
They are both good corsets for their own qualities and being honest, if you're a bit more 'serious' about getting into corsets I'd recommend both! I'd love to know your thoughts and I hope you enjoyed this post!

All my love,