Monday, 5 January 2015

Retro Reviews: Glitter Paradise

Because there is no Paradise without Glitter...

Now, if you don't already know... I LOVE lucite and in particular I love confetti lucite. And throw a bit of pink into the equation... Well, you just found my heaven. I just can't get enough of the stuff! So, when the opportunity came along to sample some of Glitter Paradise's treasures - Well I just couldn't say no! (And who in their right mind would want to!?). Glitter Paradise is a small French brand with a big range of different accessories, from starburst brooches to confetti lucite hoops. Everything is handmade and they also do custom orders - so if you have that perfect party dress, but just need the perfect earrings to go with it... Then look no further! Glitter Paradise offer something to cater to everyone's taste - from 30's Fakelite to Skull & Bones to Nautical themed.

Confetti lucite is one of those hard-to-photograph-the-true-amazingness things, so hence a lot of close up pictures so you can get a feel for just how beautiful these earrings are. I have really sensitive ears, in terms of which jewelry I can wear so when I found out Glitter Paradise stocked clip ons too I was over the moon. The pair I received are called '50's Style Confetti Lucite Boomerang Earring Clips' in Candy - which is so appropriate as they are just delicious (to look at, not to eat... I wouldn't recommend that, haha!). The boomerang size is perfect as it's just big enough to make a statement and be recognized but it's small enough for everyday wear. They aren't heavy, so you don't feel like they're going to slip off but the quality feels superior. I now want  need every single colour (there's a lot to choose from!). These are priced at a very affordable 12,00 € (Around £9.33) and shipping is 3,00 € to the UK and free on orders over 38EUR 
which is ridiculously affordable and the delivery for me was pretty quick, too! Glitter Paradise also offer
 the option for gift wrapping for just 2EUR, too

Isn't my acorn brooch just the sweetest thing!? I can't wait to crack this one out with my outfits. It is made from 
'Fakelite' and again the quality is just beautiful. It is called 'Fakelite Acorn & Wood Brooch'  in Plain and is also
available in an equally as gorgeous 'Clear' option. This also retails at 12EUR (About £9.33), so again really affordable.
This brooch would look gorgeous over a cute fitted sweater or an autumnal-coloured vintage dress and I can't
wait to wear it! 

Now for the pictures...

Me wearing my Glitter Paradise earrings. Can you tell I love pink? ;-P

I hope you enjoyed my post, you go and check out Glitter Paradise and perhaps either treat yourself or even a loved one! I'm sure you'll see these gems in action in future outfit posts as I just can't take them off ;)
All my love,