Monday, 12 January 2015

Mini Post: Vintage Styling Essentials For Frizzy/Thick/Curly Hair!

Aloha, Peaches! I'm here today with a mini post to tell you all about my vintage hair style essentials that are particularly beneficial for us Doll's with thick, curly and frizzy hair. Whether you have one or all three (like me!), I have some handy advice to keep your locks more Ann Blyth than Annie!

First things first... You need a good setting lotion! I'd recommend either Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion or Lottabody Setting Lotion Enriched With Olive Oil. The olive oil will instantly add moisture and strength to the hair whilst also setting it in place.

Adding an oil or serum to your hair is a step you can either do before you apply your setting lotion or after as a finishing product... Or even both. Not only will it add a gorgeous shine (a la Dita) but it will also nourish and improve your hair's condition. I'd suggest either an Moroccan/Argan oil.

A good brush will change your life! Okay, so maybe not your life, but it certainly will change your hair! My go-to brush is my Denman Large Styling Brush. Denman brushes are just perfect - I also keep the Mini Styling Brush in my handbag for mid-day smoothing.

Bobby pins are your best friend... I spent years buying the big 100 packs for £1 thinking 'Why on earth would anyone spend £2-4 on a pack of 30 when you can get 100 for £1!?', but I will now never go back to the cheap ones. I am a bobby pin snob! Before, the cheap ones used break all the time and the tiny rubber bits at the ends would constantly fall off which made them completely unusable (unless you want to break your hair and scratch your scalp!)... I bought a pack from Wilkinsons (which I just googled and I totally didn't realise they were only £1!) which are the extra long ones. You get 50 in the pack and I got them in August and not a single one has broken! It's probably all in my head, but I feel like because they are the 'long' ones they are more sturdy. I'd highly recommend them! They're especially good for holding thick hair! They also have ones for blonde hair too, which is great.
TRESemmé Ultimate Hold Hairspray 500ml

Hair spray... There are so many options out there for hair spray and I do think it really is down to personal preference and my personal preference is a hair spray that has good hold, good shine but the vital thing is that I can easily brush it out. Due the fact that I have really curly frizzy hair, I prefer to wash it as little as I can get away to prevent drying my hair out, so I can't stand using a hair spray that makes your hair feel horrible after you use it or leaves a nasty residue. So the one I'm loving at the moment is Tresemme Ultimate Hold Hairspray (the one with the silver label) because it does everything I want and it is really affordable, too!

That's all my current favourites at the moment! I'd love to know yours for curly/frizzy hair!
Thanks for reading,
All my love,