Sunday, 4 January 2015

2 Girls 1 Dress - With Miss Amy May {Lavender Jenny}

Aloha! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and you have a fabulous New Year! 2015 is just a blink away. Me and my lovely blogging friend Miss Amy May, who is also a British Belle and just so happens to live down the road have decided to put our dress-loving heads together to create a series called '2 Girls 1 Dress' (Hahaha I know what you're thinking - get your head out of the gutter!) as we realised we have a good few of the same dresses. Miss Amy May is a shoe-bedazzling, hair-pretty-making BABE and let's be honest, I'm sure you already probably fan-girl over her PUG collection on a daily basis. So each post in this series will be a darling mash up of an outfit post, review and collaboration. What's great is that we both have slightly different styles and we are also different sizes so you can get two honest varying opinions. We will speak about the fit, styling and just give a general over view of the dress. Our first dress we will be posting about is the Lavender Jenny Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing. Me and Amy are both big fans of the Jenny range... To be honest, I think every Pinup is!

You'll have to excuse the not-so-amazing photo's... It was absolutely FREEZING and my Mother was taking them, haha! I also had a lot of dog walkers staring at me :'D And also pretend you can't see my creases... I had a long car ride (and I am lazy as hell and ironing circle skirts is a something which you'll need to pencil in your diary to make time for it! Hahaha).

Mint Hair Scarf - Unknown
Necklace - Flamboyant Flamingo by Erstwilder via Vintage Pip
Dress - Lavender Jenny by Pinup Girl Clothing
Bag -  Alice by Sun Jellies
Shoes - Shoezone

The first Pinup Girl Clothing dress I truly fell in love with was my Orange Print Border Jenny which when I first put on was just heaven. It is still pretty much my favourite dress, ever. It hugged me perfectly, but it still wasn't too tight. The cut of the dress was absolutely spot on and the full circle skirt is perfection. Shockingly enough, I'm yet to wear either of my Jenny's with a petticoat! But I'm
sure they'd be even more fabulous with one. The boning makes the Jenny dresses feel just that little bit more special and seperate them from the usual Audrey dresses. 

I got my Lavender Jenny in the PUG Black Friday sale as it was heavily reduced. Going by other reviews, I became aware that the Lavender Jenny is different to all of the others as its cut is slightly off compared to the rest. By no means is it bad, but it does fit quite awkwardly compared to my ever-so-perfect Orange Border Jenny. The torso is quite long and it is generally bigger - which is a bit of a pain, but nothing a belt and sitting up straight can't fix ;-D
I am completely besotted with the colour and I couldn't wait to pair it with my flamingo necklace which goes perfectly. I tied the two in together with my mint chiffon hair scarf and I do have some coral jelly shoes that would have gone perfect, but they are open toed and I just couldn't risk freezing my feet off! Even if they would have looked darling... And of course, every pastel girly outfit has to be completely with my Alice Sun Jellies bag!

Overall, I'd say I still really love my Lavender Jenny, however I do wish it fitted as well as my other one. In case you're wondering, I wear an M in the Jenny dresses and a S in the Jenny skirts. For the price I got it for, I can't complain as the quality is still superior to most of my wardrobe!

Head over to Miss Amy May's blog post to see how she styled it (clue: Frosty Ice Queen) and also read her thoughts on this little gem! Here's a little sneak peek of her pictures...
I hope you enjoyed this first post of our little series and do let us know if there's any dresses you'd particularly like us to review! We are both dressoholics so I'm pretty sure we will never run out, haha! Me and Amy will hopefully be taking photo's together in our dresses when we both get time in our busy schedules! Oooo, exciting!
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