Sunday, 21 December 2014

OOTD: A Match Made In Heaven! Featuring The Oblong Box

A very festive Aloha to all of my lovely readers today! Four days til' Christmas! Are we all wrapped and ready to go yet? (I'm not! Oops!). Today, I bring you an OOTD with two pieces that were just a match made in heaven. Do you ever have those days where you put an outfit together and you just think 'Daaaaaaamn! They were made for each other!' Just me? Well this outfit was one of one those. The top matched perfectly with my harlequin skirt. And I know, some of you will be wincing at my choice to wear jelly shoes and tights, but I couldn't resist seeing as they were the exact same colour as my top! Who cares! I loved this outfit, but I can't wait to wear it in Summer without tights and a coat to ruin it.
I also have a little special guest in boyfriend-form at the end who will be featuring in some of my outfit posts when I can get him to :-D!

Outfit (Top to Bottom):
Baby pink nylon hair scarf - Vintage
Glitter Lucite Hoop Earrings - Bow And Crossbones
Lipstick - Pink Pong Lip Velvet by Bourjois
Mint Criss Cross Top - The Oblong Box Shop
Hyacinth Hummingbird Brooch - Erstwilder
Harlequin Jenny Skirt & Belt - Pinup Girl Clothing
Jelly Shoes - Juju

And for my boyfriend, Patrick's Outfit:
Plain Black Tee - Topman
Sheepskin Lined Denim Jacket - Levi
Jeans - Topman
Trainers - Asics

Excuse my shadows! Shoddy photographer ;-)

I hope you enjoyed my outfit post which featured a very special guest of mine!
I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and get everything you want <3
All my love, hugs and mistletoe kisses,