Saturday, 1 November 2014

My Make Up Essentials

Aloha darlings! Here I have a little blog post for you about all things beauty! I'm one of those girls who once she's found something that she likes and works... She sticks to it indefinitely. I am pretty happy with my current make up routine and picks as they work perfectly for me. Working perfectly means doesn't break me out and lasts all day through work. So here are the things that work for me...

Let's start with the basics...

I use Benefit's Porefessional as my primer underneath my foundation.
This is undoubtedly my make-up savior! The best part, for sure. My favourite foundation which is Estee Lauder Double Wear. If you have real skin troubles and you need full coverage then this is your holy grail. Once it has set (dried), it won't budge until you remove it. I'd heard a few people saying that it was too heavy for them to wear which initially put me off but I took the plunge and bought it thinking 'oh if it is too heavy then I'll just save it for when I'm going out somewhere nice or for photos' but once it's settled into the skin I don't feel it at all! When you first apply it, you may feel like it looks too cakey and full but after a few minutes you'll look flawless! I don't use a conceal OR a powder when I wear this (everyday) due to the coverage and the fact that it dries and stays completely matte all damn day!

I have two options for my brows. Quick and easy or full on and defined - depending on how much time I have/how I'm feeling will deter the fate of my brows. For work, I obviously choose quick and easy and for that I use Benefit's Gimme Brow in the darkest shade which is actually pretty amazing for getting a well shaped filled in brow with what is essentially eyebrow mascara. What makes Gimme Brow different from other eyebrow gels/tints is that you can actually create your own brow shape with it as it's really buildable and has little fibers in it for a more natural brow-like finish (how many more times can I say brow? BROW BROW BROW). I use it to length the tail of my eyebrow as it does that perfectly.

Now, if I want me some full-on Pin Up... I use my trusty MAC Fluidline in Dipdown which is a dark brown gel which is actually suppose to be an eyeliner, haha! I use an angled brush to create my perfect shape. 

I pretty much do exactly the same thing with my eyes everyday just occasionally switching up which products I use. I always have something in my crease which is usually MAC's Espresso. I stick to my neutrals but sometimes I like to play around with shimmer and glitter. For shadows, I'd recommend Makeup Revolution - affordable and amazing quality. I really want to try Urban Decay shadows as I've heard such good things - Christmas anyone ;)?

For liquid liner, I've got two favourites - Stila Stay All Day and Collection (2000) Fast Stroke Liquid Liner. If you're one a budget and are in the market for a new liquid eyeliner I'd HAVE to suggest you try the Collection one. For under £3, you can't go wrong. On me, it stays all day and doesn't crease or smudge.

In terms of mascara, I haven't found my holy grail. I like the They're Real by Benefit but it does irritate my eyes and I like Maybelline's The Rocket. I would love some suggestions for affordable mascaras!

I don't really experiment with much on my cheeks because I do suffer from problem skin particularly around my cheek area. I use NYC's Smooth Skin Bronzer to bring some life back into my face and lightly contour. It's cheap, doesn't break me out and is a good colour for me. I'm still on the hunt for a blusher that doesn't trouble my skin. I think it's the talc in the products.

The BEST bit! Admittedly, at this moment in time I only use one lip product and I own every colour bar one. That product is the Bourjois Lip Velvets. They are my number one lip product. I've tried a lot of the matte lip velvet products and I love the opaque effect but hated how dry they made my lips feel... The Bourjois ones don't make your lips feel dry at all in fact they feel quite balmy. Each of the colours slightly differ in formula - Grand Cru which is my favourite shade bleeds the most and Pink Pong is my favourite formula because of how opaque the colour is from the first layer and how well it lasts. I'd highly recommend them! When you first apply them, you may feel like they aren't nearly as good as your usual choice because the first swipe isn't completely perfect but the good thing about them is that you layer and layer and they don't bobble or flake off! 

There you go! That is all the make up products that I use every single day and they work just dandy for me. I'd love to hear your suggestions and let me know your holy grail products! 
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