Saturday, 29 November 2014

Mini Post: My Pinup Girl Clothing Black Friday Haul!

Aloha, lovelies! Black Friday just happened all over the world and oh was it a good one! Pretty much every online retail shop had discounts - some big, some small. I pretty much only had my eyes for one site during the sale antics and that was Pinup Girl Clothing (PUG). A shop that every pin up loving girl adores. I haven't met one yet that isn't lusting after something from there. I only own a couple of dresses that I've either gotten second hand or from eBay but the one I do have I am besotted with - in particular my orange printed Jenny dress. Purchasing PUG in the UK is quite a challenge due to the fact that there are minimal stockists and the places that do stock it have very high mark up prices that rarely go on sale and if you want to order from the PUG website you're going to have to expect international shipping costs and customs charges. However, the quality, sizing and designs are just the best you can get. So when I saw PUG were doing 30% off everything INCLUDING SALE I just couldn't say no. I asked my parents if I could have some money for PUG clothes instead of a present for Christmas and they agreed much to my happiness. I pretty much didn't look outside of the sale section (Apart from one thing, but you'll see all about it later!!!) as I wanted to get as much as I could for the budget I had and to be honest the sale section was pretty damn awesome itself (All I'm saying is harlequin) so I was pretty satisfied with what I got!

Me and a few of my friends were all lusting after a few pieces each so we decided to go for it and split the shipping/customs charges between us which worked out at only around a couple of pounds each for shipping. Although, I'm not looking forward to getting stung by customs charges but still... Split between 5 of us it shouldn't be too bad. I have to admit that whilst writing this (Saturday, the day after Black Friday) PUG still had the 30% off all sale stuff and my lovely friend Amy also had a 15% off discount code to use on top of the discount we already had so we made a second order (Oops!). I told you it was good! PUG has always been out of my price budget so I was like a deer to headlights when I saw just how cheap we could get everything. I'm talking £20 for a Jenny skirt here, people! So, this is what I got!


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand last but not least...

Definitely the thing I'm most excited for... I just pray to the Pin Up God's that is fits!

EEEEEPPP! I'm sure you can tell my excitement from reading this post about my PUG order. I've never been so excited for postman to arrive! Fingers crossed they get here soon as I am possibly the most impatient lady ever!

I'd love to know what goodies you all bought!
Let me know in the comments <3

With love,