Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Retro Reviews: Tesco Opticians :-)

I'm one of the odd few people to exist who actually feel they look better a pair of glasses as oppose to without. I don't know why...Maybe I feel my face needs more accessorizing or something! So when I was asked a couple of weeks ago to choose a pair of glasses from the Tesco Opticians website I was over the moon as I'd been hunting for the perfect pair of cat eyes. I know what you're thinking... 'Tesco!?' I don't even think many people know that Tesco's have an opticians! But trust me when I say... They have a beautiful range of retro inspired frames. From a subtle cat-eye to a full on Marilyn-esqe frames - they have something to suit everyone.

I chose the Iceberg IC260 in Tortoise (left) which are more of a subtle cat eye as I wanted something I can wear every day including to work. I went in store to have my eye test (which is free to do!) and whilst I was there I also tried on some of the glasses as I have a 'must-try-before-buy-or-could-look-awful' faces where hardly anything suits me and my face shape. However, they also have a 'FramesOnMe' gadget on their website which uses your webcam to give you a rough idea of what the frames will look like on your face - which I personally think is pretty nifty!

My second choice was the Lipsy 25 which I'm sure will be a firm favourite amongst the vintage-loving community! If you already know your prescription, you can just order them online like a lovely dress (just for your face!), but if you don't have one you can Book An Appointment Online which is quick and easy. It can be hard trying to fit appointments around work/social life/opening hours but it's nice to know that you can pick up/try on your new glasses whilst you're doing the weekly shop!

Thanks for reading & thank you Tesco's for jazzing up my face!
With love,