Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A Week Of Outfits (+Update!)

Oh goodness me! I've been MIA (Unpacking, working, becoming an Aunty). I am really going to start making blogging a regular thing as I do really enjoy it. I've got a few projects in the works (Working with Tesco's Opticians, giveaways, tutorials, OOTD's) which is spurring me on to stay on top of regular blog posts. I've had a blog make-over! Do you like? I certainly do! My gorgeous boyfriend made me a fabulous new blog header to go with my new blog name Atomic Amber. I just felt like my original blog name was a tad too long and I don't think it reflected me and my blog well enough.
I finally have a garden which means I can do detailed OOTD's and take full length pictures for here. What's news? Well I got my picture published in Perfectly PinUp Magazine (Purchase here). Here's a very proud pointy finger... Right in the middle too! ;-D

 Also became a runner up for Miss Vintage Life August. I didn't even realise my photo even made the cut to be uploaded to their Facebook so I was gutted that I didn't manage to even get my family and friends to give my photo some support so was completely overwhelmed when 'Runner Up!' was on my timeline! I had the most likes too! Feeling very proud! (Let's make it a 'Winner!' next time though, hey! ;))

Riiiiiiiiiiiiight... Back to what this post was originally for - some outfit posts. I've recently got a new phone which means a better camera for taking quick every day pics but also SELF-TIMER! My new best friend in terms of taking selfies/outfit pictures. Being a full-time worker who wears a uniform means 5 days out of 7 my outfits consist of work uniform and pj's! Not very retro, at all. So when I had a few days off last week I really took advantage of snapping as many outfits as I could. So here's the run down of the weeks events and outfits...

Outfit 1
Navy Sailor Swing Dress - Pin Up Girl Clothing (via Depop)
White & Maroon Glitter Bag - Glamour Bunny (via Depop)
This outfit is entirely sourced from Depop (like eBay & Instagram combined!). I was off to an Elvis Tribute act at a local pub. 
Outfit 2
Yellow Nylon Hair Scarf - Sent from my lovely friend Natalie from Vintagious. You can buy these hair scarfs from here via her instagram @Natalie_Vintagious. She has every colour under the sun!
Strawberry Earrings - Claires Accessories
Red Cross Over Sweater - Charity Shop
Yellow Leather Belt - Charity Shop
Gingham Pencil Skirt - Vivien Of Holloway (via Depop)
I was off to Eastbourne to do some birthday shopping for my better half.

Outfit 3
Yellow Bandana - Afro/Wig Shop in Luton
Polkadot Playsuit - Vintage
This day was just a lazy day at home with my Boyfriend:-) Can you tell I'm loving yellow accessories atm?

 Outfit 4
Green Double Orchid Hair Flower - Bow And Crossbones
Autumnal Collared Dress - Vintage (via Red Rose Vintage Fairs)
Outfit 5
Red & Black Polka Dot Pillbox Hat - Vintage (via Depop)
Green Polkadot Dress - Hell Bunny
This day was my Boyfriend's birthday, hence the hat :) We went to JB's American Diner in Brighton and it was absolutely spectacular despite the torrential weather.

Outfit 6
Pink Fluffy Sweater - Primark
Yellow Leather Belt - Ted Baker (Via Charity shop)
Gingham Pencil Skirt - Vivien Of Holloway (Via Depop)
This was the same day as Outfit 5 - It was just my evening outfit (I did them the wrong way around and went more casual in the evening, haha!). We went to Frankie & Benny's.

Not quite a full week but near enough! I hope you enjoyed my outfits and you can now see what a cheapo I am seeing as pretty much everything is second hand/cheap... Even my Hell Bunny dress was bought off a Burlesque dancer (Random, I know!) but it does show you can do it on a budget, ey?
Let me know your favourite outfit! 
Talk soon,
With love,