Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My Mid-Century Home

Long time no blog! I swear I will get better I promise - just with job hunting then actually working a full time job as well as house hunting and now (fingers crossed) moving, life has been a little hectic to say the least! I currently live in new build flat but in a months time will hopefully be living in a little terrace house. As my flat is new build I never really felt I could really make it my own (and my boyfriends, haha!) as we were very restricted with what we could put on the walls etc... So moving to a house makes me even more excited as I really want to put my stamp on it and give it the 'wow' factor. One of my goals in life is to be one of those people who have a really cool house - one where when guests walk in they are 'oo-ing' and 'ahh-ing' and make comments like 'this is sooo you, Amber!'. Do you get my drift? As soon as we viewed our hopefully-soon-to-be house I was already envisioning how I wanted it to be. I've always had a soft spot for interior design and that meshed with my love of all things retro... well.. that's left me with no other choice but to turn the new house into My Mid Century Haven. And now that my Boyfriend has given me free reigns with the decoration and interior... Well let's just say I've been non-stop Googling for ideas :-)

I thought I'd take you with me on my little journey to achieving my dream home (or at least close to it!). We are only renting so obviously I have quite restrictive limitations but that's not stopping me! I've fallen head over heels for the aesthetics of beatnik, sputnik and atomic design and shapes (And so has my boyfriend, YIPPEE!). This post is mainly going to just be a collection of inspirational photos and maybe a little wish list at the end. Obviously I'll be on quite tight budget and will have to start slow but I will scour every charity shop, car boot and antique auction until I find just what I'm looking for!

This picture is from Oh So Lovely Vintage where she's got a fab post on the 5 essentials to create your own Mid-Century Living room. Now I've already got a bright green sofa which is from Ikea (I know it's not exactly 'retro' but I must recommend Ikea for their brightly coloured sofas as they seem to be a main focal point in the perfect Fifties living space!)
< My sofa



Le Keux Vintage Salon

There's just a few pictures that are inspiring me and are giving me ideas for what I want for my place. My favourite colour combination is pink and green so I think I'd like mainly to have pink and green as my focal colours but have a mix of brights all over.

Most Wanted:
Kidney/Boomerang coffee table
Starburst clock
Teak sideboard
Atomic wall art pieces
Pink round cushions

Please let me know if you've seen any mid-century inspired pieces lurking in the highstreet and I'll for sure keep my eyes peeled! I hope you join and enjoy my journey and let's hope that next year I'll have a final post with my complete vintage home!

With love,