Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Easy Bumper Bangs Hair Tutorial

Today, I have a really simple bumper bangs tutorial for you! It is foolproof! I have quite thick hair so I didn't need to tease at all and if your hair is thinner than I'd either recommend taking a larger front section or lightly back comb. The hair filler provides a lot of shape and support so don't feel you need to back comb the crap out of your precious barnet! :-) The hair filler I use is just a regular hair doughnut that you can find literally anywhere (Primark, Poundland, Tesco, Asda) with one side chopped so it makes one long piece. When I first started using a hair filler, I originally cut it straight across in half which left me with two short fillers which you can also do, but I prefer the look of a wider/longer bumper bang - if you know what I mean?

What you will need:
A sectioning/teasing/rat tail brush
Hair filler/doughnut
Bobby pins
Hair spray/pomade - optional

Firstly, divide the front section in a 'U' shape so that the ends of the 'U' are at each corner of your forehead. Brush through the section making sure it is knot-free and smooth. It helps if your hair has previously been curled as it will give you an easier foundation to start the roll.
 Tie the rest of your hair up so that it is out of way.
 Grab your hair filler and begin wrapping the ends of your 'U' section around it. I like to bend the filler so that is already has a good curve to it, but if you have just snipped your doughnut - it should already have a natural 'U' shape. Make sure you don't wrap your hair too tight as it will mess with the shape and width of filler.
Keep rolling up the length of your fringe.
 Now, work out how far you want your bangs to sit on forehead. If you want them higher up, then I suggest you start rolling with your section vertically in the air. If you want them lower, then roll with your hair pulled towards the face - simple!
 Once you've got a rough placement of how you want it (Don't worry about it being too precise now as you'll do a lot of tweaking after you've laid the basic foundations) push a bobby pin in the centre of your roll to secure it only your head.
 Now for the shaping! I find this the trickiest to get right - but I promise keep playing with it and you'll get it perfect...eventually!). Pull the filler so that it sits in the classic 'Bettie Bangs' 'U' shape (Gosh, there's a lot of 'U's in this one, haha!) then literally shove enough bobby pins in so that it feels secure - use the hair filler as a base to secure the pins.

Once you've pinned it perfectly... Use your brush/comb to smooth over any fly aways. If you spray your brush with hair spray first, it will ensure your bangs stay smooth alllllllll day!

What you do with the rest of your hair is up to you. Either leave it down, tie it in a pony tail for a simple but effective pin up do' or get all fancy with some victory rolls! The bumper bang is a great starting place for any vintage style.

Keep Rollin'
With love,