Thursday, 10 April 2014

Retro Reviews: Bow And Crossbones

Here I have another lovely company to review for you! Bow And Crossbones are possibly the best vintage reproduction jewellery brand I have ever come across! There is something for everyone - whether it's a gorgeous lucite glitter brooch or a pair of bamboo hoops. I challenge you to visit their site and not come away with a 'want list' as long as your arm! They also sell kitsch homeware, gifts, accessories and cute Pin-Up/Rockabilly clothing.
I was lucky enough to be sent some picks from their store which arrived super fast and were packaged beautifully. For me, that is really important (the packaging, that is), I just feel if I am going to be treating myself I want the whole works! Especially when it comes to jewellery - there is no point having a beautiful necklace if it comes in a boring old plastic packet! (Okay - there is a point... It is still a beautiful necklace! Hell! I just love a bit of packaging! Call me materialistic!).
I received four items - A pair of silver glitter domed lucite studs, a pair of white & blue confetti lucite domed clip ons, a green double orchid hair flower and a pair of burnt bamboo hoop earrings! I was spoilt :-) Of course, as soon as my package arrived I wore everything straight away - naturally! On the day, I paired my bamboo hoops with orchid hair piece and it looked spiffing if I do say so myself. I also wear both in my Betty Grable Hair Tutorial so I think it's pretty evident I love the combination.
Cam from Bow And Crossbones asked me what my preference was on the earrings as she offers studs and clip on's which I personally think is really lovely as it's refreshing to actually have an option. I told her that she could send me one of each if she'd like so then I can say which is my favorite. I have super sensitive ears which is a pain in the ahem, but I get worried that clip on's aren't as secure as studs - HOWEVER I am relived and surprised to find that I really enjoyed the clip on's and dare I say prefer them! They felt secure as anything but at the same time didn't pinch too hard or hurt at all. Perfect for Gal's like me who's ears flair up at the sight of a stud or if you just don't have your ears pierced.

 Burnt Bamboo Earrings
Also comes in lots of variations. One of their most popular being the regular bamboo hoops! On my next list as I have already had so much wear out of these bad boys!

 Lucite Domed Earrings

 Double Cymbidium Orchid Hair Flower

Just gorgeous, hey? And the best part is everything is so affordable! Literally, I was shocked at the prices. Normally retro reproduction jewellery is really expensive... To be honest all reproduction is pretty up there on the price scale, but Bow And Crossbones are well-priced and they have such a lovely selection of colours, styles and sizes for you to choose from. I'd highly recommend them - if you're looking for every day accessories, like a pair of bamboo earrings and bangle set or something special for that dress you've finally found an occasion to wear! Everything would also make great gifts (not to mention the site actually has a specific gift section!).
Please do check it out and tag me on instagram (@amberrosetheron) if you make any cheeky purchases as I'd LOVE to see!

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