Thursday, 17 April 2014

How To Embrace Retro EVERY DAY? Casual Pin Up!

Today's post is going to be about how to achieve that polished Pin Up look every single day. I lot of people are shocked when I tell them that I dress this way all the time. To be honest, a lot of people are shocked when I tell them I'm not in fancy dress! (I'm just fancy;D!) So I've put together this little guide about how to be recognizably 'Pin Up' or Rockabilly whether you're just going out to the post office or you're going to take the dog for a walk. Always dress as if you're going to see your worst enemy! As they say! Now, I have a puppy myself so I know what it's like - you don't want to be hauling yourself through a field with a dog in a wiggle dress (If you do then POWER TO YOU, girl!) but you also don't want to completely loose the style that you love by wearing dodgy leggings and a t-shirt! However, you can wear a t-shirt and leggings... Just the right ones!

The blog post is definitely catered for the more Pin Up/Rockabilly gals out there opposed to the Classic Vintage beauties, so bear that in mind... I embrace a bit of both, so let's go!

 Denim Effect Cropped Leggings A pair of denim capris/3/4 length denim leggings
Admittedly these are leggings, but I have the same pair from Matalan for £6 - and let me tell you... Before I got these, I was completely ANTI-legging, but I have to admit, they are the easiest pair of 'bottoms' I own. I wear them so much now! Mine are a really thick stretch so no VPL or unforgiving bumps. The 3/4 length have such a cute retro feel and I'd recommend anyone giving these a try!

Gypsy/peasant top
I am lusting for one of these so badly! This one is from Vivien Of Holloway. They have such an amazing array of different colours, patterns and lengths. Would highly recommend getting a couple of styles!

Retro-Inspired Fitted Plain Tops
 Bardot Top 100% CottonProbably seems quite obvious an random - but instead of going for your boring old t-shirt, try sourcing some plain tops with a little retro vibe to them. For example, this one pictures is called the Bardot top by Matalan. It's called Bardot for obvious reasons. I have it in white and it looks so beautiful on. It has cropped sleeves and a scoop back - both of which really bring Pin Up flair to any outfit. Dress up with some pearls or down with some capris. 
  Bardot Top 100% Cotton 
I'm sure there will be some of you who turn your noses up at the thought of wearing 'trainers', but I wear mine all the time! It's no way practical to be in heels or even fancy flats sometimes, especially when there is a lot of walking involved! Paired with some high waist shorts and a bit of tropical print

Checkered Shirt
Worn undone with a white vest under or worn tied up. Instant Pin Up perfect.
Practical and cute.
Halter Necks
Another staple top that should belong in every retro lady's wardrobe. In multiple colours, too! ;)
High Waist Shorts
Denim/Polka/Hearts/Plain - whatever floats your boat!
Hair Scarves - Nylon/Bandana
 Pointed Flats
For times where you don't want to wear trainers, but also don't want to break out the heels!
Just because your outfit has to be toned down doesn't mean everything else does! I love to wear hair flowers and my bamboo hoops (from Bow And Crossbones!). 
Sweaters/Polo Necks
Take note from Marilyn! She does casual style so well!
Vintage-Repro Jeans
Freddie Of Pinewood or Bernie Dexter are probably your best bet! 

Annnnd don't forget that red lipstick! It never needs an occasion!

Let me know what YOU'RE staple pieces are!
With love,