Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Vintage Doll Q&A: Myself! ;-D

Hola! Two posts in one day, by golly! I am starting up a little Q&A series where I will *hopefully* get all my favorite Vintage-inspired bloggers/hairdressers or just general Dolls (Well as many of them as I can persuade to!) to answer a series of questions because well I am just very nosey  interested ;-D. I think it will be fun to compare answers between different bloggers (and myself!) and see if us Ladies learn a little something new! Anyway, let me know what you think and also if you'd like to be part of this little interview series.

I thought it's only right if I actually answer the questions myself... So here we go!

How long have you been dressing vintage?

I have worn vintage clothing for about 5ish years now, but only have properly starting embracing the 'pin-up' vintage look for just over a year now.
What made you want to start dressing this way?
 Where do I start? I love everything about this style! It is so feminine and ladylike. It has no restrictions or rules! It's like a big vintage party and everyone is invited!
40's or 50's?
 It depends. I like to incorporate a bit of both. However, in Spring/Summer I'm much more 50's and in Autumn/Winter I'm more 40s.
Favorite colour? 
Pink, green and red.
5 staples every vintage girl should own?
A variety of circle skirts. A good well-fitting wiggle dress. Swing dresses. Nylon hair scarves. Red lipstick!
Signature hair do'?
 Oh goodness, however it turns out in the morning! Does that count? Normally it's just a brushed out curl with either a side roll or  high 'wave' fringe.
Authentic or Reproduction?
 A healthy mix of both. They both have their pros and cons. Authentic is unique and normally one of a kind but Repro is easily available and comes in all sizes.
Your biggest style icon?
 Diana Dors and Betty Grable.
Tea or coffee?
 Tea. Tea. Tea. Tea.
Best tip for anyone who wants to start embracing vintage/pin up style?
 Invest in a few staple pieces (read above answer) and DO YOUR RESEARCH. Find out what style you like the most - whether is pin up, classic, rockabilly, alternative etc.
Dream classic car?
 A pink Cadillac Convertible.
Favorite place to shop? 
 Charity shops and eBay
To accessorize or not to accessorize?
 Meh, I'm very much a 'not to', but this year is my goal to become a full on accessorizer.
Cash or Presley?
 Eeeeeeeeee. This is hard. Like asking would you rather have your heart or your brain removed haha! I love them equally.
Are you looking forward to any events this year?
 Urm, not that I can think of. Would like to go to Goodwood but nothing is planned yet!
Summer or Winter gal?
 Summer. All. The. Damn. Way. Where are my sunnies?
Dream holiday?
 American road trip
 Can you recommend any retro-inspired blogs?

 Phew! And we are FINISHED. I must get emailing now and find some proper gals to answer my questions! :-)
I hope you enjoyed! And maybe found out something new and pointless! Yay!

With love,