Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Retro Reviews: RockaBabyBibsNBobz

Reviews are something that I am  really keen to do more of! I am really honored when small businesses are willing to send me some of their gorgeous products to feature and review on my blog. It gives them a bit more publicity and also gives me a chance to recommend and give my honest opinion on their brand. When I read reviews I don't just want to hear about the product itself, I want to know about customer service, postage, packaging and overall shopping experience - so that is what I am going to be discussing in my reviews! Side note: If you have a business, no matter how small or big, and you'd like me to review your products and service then please feel free to drop me an email at as I'd really love for reviews to become a regular feature on here! Anyway on the show!

I don't know if many people are aware that there are small businesses on eBay, not just people reselling old used stuff. Whilst browsing for some new pin up hair accessories, I stumbled across a brand called RockaBabyBibsNBobz (phew! That's a mouthful!) which is run by the lovely Charlotte Foster who creates a perfectly wide range of handmade goodies - such as bibs, cushion covers, hair accessories, aprons and bags. The best part is the material she uses! From Betty Boops to leopard print to Spiderman to Pin Up prints. The Girl has it all. I was lucky enough to be sent one of her fabulous hair ties and I was allowed to pick out which one I liked the best... Well it was a difficult decision, but I went with the least outfit-restricting one which was an awesome Pin Up Hawaiian print on one side with leopard print (my fave!) on the other. Did I mention they are reversible! How COOL is that? Two hair scarves in one!? She has some amazing vintage prints and I am particularly a fan of anything tropical/Americana print. I had my eyeballs on these cushion covers... I am absolutely swooning over them!

Charlotte, please can you send these to my house so I can start a collection of fabulous printed cushions?! Genuinely melting at the thought of having these in my flat, but alas! Don't think they will still be there for my birthday in May! Anyone wanna treat Moi?

I should probably show you what I was sent now, shouldn't I? :-)

I love how she packages each of her items, so sweet. I think little things like putting a ribbon on and a business card in really makes receiving your item just that bit more special. I even had a little note on the back on my card saying 'I hope you like the hair band, Charlotte x'. Really makes a difference.

Because the hair band is reversible, when you wear it and tie it at the top you get a peekaboo of the opposite fabric which makes for a really interesting unique look! I love it! I like this hair tie because I can pretty much wear it with anything!
Another thing that is really important to me (Being the ethos of my blog) is affordability. Her hair ties are around £4.95 and her cushion covers range from £7.95 to about £9.95 which I think is a steal for something made from handmade vintage fabric!!! If you have a little one, she also has a massive range of children's bib/bandanas and skirts, which are super adorable! 

Charlotte seems really lovely and her customer service is fast and personal. She has an eBay store which is 
AND she has her own website that is

Please do check out her 'bibs N bobz' as I am sure you will find something you fall in love with. 

With love,