Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Pin Up VALENTINES Style On A Budget: eBay Edition #3

Aloha Sweetpeas! I hope you're new year is going swimmingly (Febuary, already!?) I've got another post for you filled with lovely treats that I've found on eBay that are so affordable, you might just have to treat yourself! The difference about this Pin Up Style On A Budget is that is Valentines day special! I've scoured eBay for the best dresses/accessories I could get my hands eyes on and I'd be happy to wear any of these on the day of lalalave myself! So whether you're spending your day hand-in-hand with the love of your life or you're going on a girls-only night out - I have your outfit covered!

Red Peplum Dress
Also comes in pink & black

Red Wrap Button Dress
Also comes in Pink & Navy

Pink Collared Shift Dress
Also comes in purple & blue

Red Peter Pan Collar Dress

Deep V Red Dress
Comes in red, white, black, blue and pink

Comes in Red, Black, Beige & Blue

OMG, this is my favourite!!!!!!! When I get some money, I am totally buying this!
I love the green version of it!
Comes in red, green, yellow and black

Comes in black and baby blue

Oooo a little saucy, I know! But I think these little baby dolls are super sweet! I love the colours of them!
Comes in black, baby blue and a mauve kinda purple

£3.79 (Yes you read correctly!)

Lace gloves

Whip out the ol' suspender belt!
99p! There are loads of variations of this on eBay if you just search 'suspender belt' (duh!)

Comes in loads of colours

Aaaaand I think that's just about all the red I can handle for tonight!
I hope you all have a beautiful Valentines day! And remember to love each other every single day anyway!
I really want to get some reviews up on here, especially for small growing business'... So if you or you know someone who has a business and would like me to review some of their things then I would be over the moon too!
With love,
Amber Rose