Wednesday, 26 February 2014

5 Reasons Why I Can't Wait For Spring/Summer!

Admittedly, here in the UK you can't guarentee there is even going to be a spring or summer - especially with the weather that we've had recently (floods,torrential rain, 70mph winds!). However, the last couple of days (give or take a rainy morning or two) have been bloody magnificent! Clear skies, only a slight breeze and sunshine! The flowers are blooming and that's a sure sign things are on their way to bikinis on the beach.

I am your typical Brit - moan when it's too hot, moan when it's too cold. But when it comes down to it - I LOVE a good ol' bit of sunshine! I like it even more now that I live a stones throw from the beach in East Sussex. Anyway, I thought I'd get everyone a bit more excited for the sun-sun-sun by telling you all the reasons why I am buzzing for a some vitamin D!
So put away your fur and dust off your halter necks because Spring is just around the corner!

Whether it's a pretty dress or a show-off hair accessory - nothing screams Spring more than covering yourself in anything flower-related. I love to wear hair flowers to spruce up a 'do and it doesn't feel quite right to sport a cluster of lilies when its raining (although, that still doesn't stop me!). 

Days out
As I mentioned before, I live by the seaside, so that means when the sun comes out to play everyone heads straight to the seafront! Including myself and my boyfriend (and now our newest addition to the family - Django - our minature Jack Russell). There are fewer things I love more than being by the sea - whether we're having a picnic or lighting a bbq for dinner by the tide - nothing can rival hearing the sea waves crashing together whilst looking out over the horizon eating a sandwich. Love it!

Banishing of multiple layers which ruin outfits!!
  Can you tell I'm passionate about this one? Haha! There are fewer things more irritating than putting on a cute outfit and then firstly spending ages trying to work out which cardigan,coat and weather appropriate shoes won't ruin your ensemble and secondly, realising that a combination of all three will make your well thought out get-together significantly less cute.

More skin-to-sunshine contact
Short shorts. Halter necks. Bikinis. Playsuits. Bare legs. Matching two pieces. Sandals. I don't know about you but I am quite excited to have a reason to shave my pins! Haha TMI?

I have to hold my hands up and admit that I am not the best at accessorising. I live by more of a 'If the outfit looks good already - then why add extra weight!?' but this summer I will banish that mantra and go by more of a 'Why be subtle?' vibe. That being said - I am partial to a good pair of sunnies. They add instant glamour even when you aren't feeling so Marilyn yourself. Just let your shades do all the work. 
I really want to experiment with hats this summer and after seeing Fleur Mcgerr ( sporting a divine Betsy Hatter creation with a cleverly placed hair flower by Rosie Alia Designs, I am itching to douse myself in wonderful headgear!

I feel obliged to insert a picture of the lovely Fleur for you all the to see so here we go:
  Perfect - right?

There you are - because after Valentines day is out the way it's only right to be looking forward to a blue sky!
I will be doing a post on my top budget picks for accessories next so keep your eyes peeled :-)
Thank you for reading, dolls!
With love,