Monday, 27 January 2014

Trends I Want To Try For 2014!

Please excuse the word 'trends' in the title - I just wasn't sure what to call them! I only started dressing 1940's/1950's last year so there is still a lot I want to try/own/have in my wardrobe. I thought I'd do a post to remind myself of the different accessories and clothes I would like to experiment with as I still feel like I haven't fully branched out through all of the different styles of my favourite eras! And who knows, maybe you'll see something you want to try or have any advice for moi!


I think a little pair of vintage gloves can completely make an outfit. I think they just bring that authenticity and lady-likeness like no other accessory does. I will have to go on a charity shop hunt as they always seem to be a few pairs laying around in them for around a pound! I know that some girls have had problems with finding a pair that actually fit, but we just have to wait and see!


I have been on the hunt for some cute little vintage hats for a while now but haven't managed to find any in any of the second hand shops. Typical, you always see things when you're not looking for them but the moment you decide you actually something... It's nowhere to be seen! Hmft. Anyway, I did manage to get some sweet mini berets off eBay which are really lovely and finish off my outfits perfectly.


Well, doesn't this picture of Betty say it all? I really want to experiment in different up-do's because I am bad at getting into habits - especially with my hair. I just sometimes feel when my set looks nice down and I feel like it's a waste just to put it up, but I know a good up-do can often make more of a statement then just a normal brush-out. Luckily, The Suwannee Lady (Mariana Cortez) just posted an amazing tutorial for this Betty look, here's the link -


By the end of this year, I would really love to own a pair of jeans from Freddies Of Pinewood. I just think they are the perfect staple vintage reproduction jeans. They come in so many different fits and styles too!

 Embracing My Natural Hair

My hair in it's natural state is extremely curly. And Frizzy. And out of control. But I know curls are desirable for the 40s/50s, so instead of blowdrying and smoothing and ridding my natural locks, I am going to embrace them and make them work for me. I have really struggled to find any tutorials or styles that work with natural (and a little crazy) curls instead they always tell you to completely straighten them out! I watched a tutorial which was suppose to be vintage styles for girls with naturally curly hair... However I was ashamed to see the tutorial basically said blowdry and straighten all your curls out and then do the style as you would if you had natural straight hair (!?). What on earth is the point of that!? Goodness me. As soon as I get a cut that I am happy with and I work some styles out, I will do a post on styles for curly hair, I promise.

Middle Parting

I really want to starting attempting a middle parting a la Hedy Lamarr.

They are the main things I'd like to try. Another that I couldn't get an image for is novelty brooches which I think add something fun and interesting to a basic outfit and I'd also like to try to wear earrings more, especially hoops.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!
With love,
Amber Rose <3