Monday, 25 November 2013

Vintage Style On A Budget: eBay Finds #2

Whilst searching eBay for my Christmas list, I kept coming across beautiful super affordable dresses which I just COULDN'T not share! So, I will make eBay finds a regular feature here on my blog!

Comes in Yellow, Mint and Blue

Comes in Black, Beige, Orange, Green and Pink
Sizes S to XXL

Pin Up Bikinis
 Comes in variey of styles. I LOVE the high waisted bottoms!
Sizes S to XXL
Skeleton Hand Hair Clips
Comes in Red, Orange, Blue, Black, White Bow, Yellow Bow and White ones with blood on.
(If things that I list are sold out, just try searching for a similar name such as for this one 'skeleton hand hair clips' and lots of sellers selling the same thing should come up!)

Orchid Hair Flower
Comes in White & Pink, Pink, Green, White & Green, Purple and White & Purple

Steel Boned Underbust Corset
Comes in Black, White, Pink, Blue, Red, Purple and also some Jacquard prints
Sizes  S-6XL

Large Orchid Hair Flower
Comes in Green and Pink