Sunday, 3 November 2013

Most-Lusted Autumn/Winter Shoes

Hola! Now, I think that a lot of Girls find it hard to locate shoes that look good, are affordable, comfortable AND fit in with their vintage style clothes... So here is my wish list of Autumn/Winter shoes - Which are all readily in the UK!

'Alfresco Cafe' CLARKS Shoes in 'Wine Patent'
A lot of you should be familiar with Clarks - known for comfort and probably lengthy trips for school shoes when you were in primary school! Haha! But after a recent visit to aquire some comfortable heels, I noticed I was lusting after a few more pairs than I ought to! They have a couple of shoes in this colour 'Wine Patent' which I have fallen head over heels (literally!) for. It reminds me of old American cars with vinyl paint jobs.
(I know that they are on the higher end of the price scale but Clarks shoes last forever and are amazing quality!)
Here are my favorites from the Clarks Wine Patent range -
(These are a lot more pricey as they are from the Mary Portas range at Clarks)
And for a girl who prefers flats...
And the classic ballerina pump
Clarks are often having sales and discount codes - Even as much as 40% off so definitely keep an eye out for those!
Lilley & Skinner Womens Black Micro Fibre Court Shoe
Now, I know Shoe Zone isn't the most glamorous shoe shop and I know the quality isn't going to be top notch but for the price, you can't really complain. Anyway, I think if you look after shoes, they will serve you well. For example, I've had Primark shoes that have lasted me better than a pair of Topshop shoes which were 4 times the price. After walking past Shoe Zone on my way to work, I have noticed a few pairs of shoes which when on their own might not look much but when paired with a vintage outfit will definitely fit in perfect! So, I got home, did some research and found that they have a much nicer and better selection online so I think it is definitely worth checking out especially as they have free delivery and a 90 day return policy!!!
Lilley Womens Black Lace Ankle Boot With Fur Trim
I know these boots don't exactly scream 'Vintage' on first appearance but after reading a few vintage-inspired blogs, it has come to my knowledge that lace up boots with a slight pointed toe and small heel are very much the perfect vintage Autumn Winter boot. So when I saw these in the shop window, I was instantly lusting. Pair with your perfect Winter wool coat & faux fur collar. Perfect!

Black (Black) Black Diamante Bow Pointed Court Shoes | 296106601 | New Look
Black Diamante Bow Pointed Court Shoes
And for the ladies who prefer something a bit more glam...

Abigail Lace Up Chunky Boot in Brown
I think these could be the perfect winter boot. Worn with some tweed, velvet and fur.
Also, come in Tan and Black
Black & White Brogues
This style of shoe is very popular amongst the vintage dressers, men AND women so I found some on eBay for an afforable price. Shoes like these pop up in high street shops, like Primark, occasionally so always keep a look out!

So there are just a few of my most-lusted shoes for Autumn/Winter. Let me know if you've seen any beauties at an affordable price!
Thanks for reading!
Amber Rose