Monday, 11 November 2013

Beauty Favourites- Mostly Highstreet

Here is a collection of my firm beauty favourites!

Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer
I wanted to try something from Make Up Forever for... ever (sorry haha!), unfortunately it is really hard to get hold of in the UK. However, after a recent holiday to Portugal, I discovered that MUFE is all over the place there so I couldn't resist a cheeky buy. I am IN LOVE with this concealer and I use this pretty much everyday, which probably sounds a bit excessive as it is very expensive and also a really heavy duty thick product, but you only need a TINY dot and it is great for girls who don't want to wear a heavy all over foundation but need a bit more coverage in targeted areas (like me), as I have blemished skin and uneven skin tone.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation
I have used this serum one and also the original Healthy Mix foundation for a while, however over the last few weeks I have been using L'oreal True Match. Today, I decided to use my holy grail Bourjois foundation again, just to see which one I prefered and I definitely think I prefer the Bourjois one! It blends better, looks more like skin and still has a good amount of coverage. The only con is the colour range.

MAC FluidLine in Dipdown
I use this for my eyebrows. It is great for dark haired girls who want full bold eyebrows. I personally love the really arched filled in brow, as I feel it is almost essential for the 'pin up' make up look. What I like about using a gel product for my brows is that once you apply it, it pretty much sets so you don't need a wax or a brow gel to hold them in place. I use this with a angled brush.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
This brush comes in the Core Collection pack. I absolutely love it. It is pretty much the only face brush I use. I apply my foundation with it, blend concealer, blot powder - it is really a great all round brush. It has very dense fibres and applys your makeup flawlessly and with ease.

Collection 2000 (Just Collection now) Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner
For me, this is the best liquid eyeliner. It rarely smudges or bleeds and has a really strong black colour. The 'brush' or nib is my perfect kind of applicator as I like them to be quite hard so I can apply my cat eye with ease. I do not like liquid eyeliners that have those flimsy brush applicators as I just find they bend all over the place and leave you looking like a mess! The main bonus for this is the fact that it is SO DAMN CHEAP. I have tried the Soap and Glory pen eyeliner and it is nowhere near as black as this one.

Sleek Blush in Flushed
I went on the hunt for a more berry-toned blush for autumn/winter as I felt my Benefit 'Coralista' was a bit to light and summery for the colder months. Sleek is known for their lovely well-pigmented blushers so I headed straight for there. I have always really struggled with blush and only have just started wearing it in the last few months as I just felt every time I tried it, I looked like a clown! I have olivey skin so barbie pink blushes just don't work with my skin tone. However, what I have discovered is that it is almost more important where you apply your blush as opposed to the colour. When I was trying to get into blush, I always thought you had to put it on the apples of your cheeks, like every guru said... And that gave me 'clown doll' face syndrome! After getting a tester of Coralista, I tried applying it to different areas of my cheeks... I put it just under my cheek bones and used it more like a 'contour' colour and it look fabbbbbuloous! So, if you are struggling with finding a blush that suits you, maybe try applying it along your cheek bones or in a 'C' shape from your temples to just below your cheeks.

Collection 2000 Glam Crystal Glitter Eyeliner
I know this is probably an unexpected one. But, I have had this one (In the colour Funk 3, a gold colour) for ages and I saw it in my draw the other day and wanted to jazz up my eye makeup and as it is now officially the festive season, glitter was my only option (Horray for glitter-lovers). I put my usual brown/taupe colour on that I wear every single day on my outer 'V' and crease and layered up the glitter on the inner part of my eye where most girls would have a cream or nude colour. I have to say I LOVED it! It just added a little something something to my usual make up. This product was actually a lot better than I expected, the glitter didn't transfer or fade throughout the day, all you have to do is let it dry (close your eyes and wait a few seconds until it isn't tacky anymore) and you're set. Perfect for Christmas! - Or any day to be honest!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Permanent Taupe
Damn, I just couldn't find a good picture of this. It is a cream eyeshadow that DOES NOT BUDGE! It looks great as an all over wash but also is the perfect crease colour. You can wear this on its own or use it as a base for another shadow. It is much more grey than the picture so it matches the colour of my creases natural shadow perfectly. Really easy to blend and wear. Best applied with fingers. Great for busy people and long days. Looks beautiful paired with a bright red lip (obviously!)

Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick in Fandango Purple
This product got quite a few bad reviews as people thought it was far too drying etc, but if you are like me and pretty much only wear matte lipsticks then you will be use to lipsticks that are pretty drying. I would prefer a dry lipstick than a glossy lipstick that doesn't last and slips & slides all over my lip area. Ew! My favourite red lip colour will be in a post soon as I will be doing a 'Battle Of The Reds' so stay tuned for that! But that is really hard to get hold of so these Matte Me lipsticks are quite a good dupe so I was super keen when I saw them advertised! They have a lipgloss style applicator so glide on smoothly. This colour is amazing as well... Reminds me of MAC'S Heroine.

So, that was my current make up favourites! Make up is quite expensive so it is hard to try out different things without fear of being a complete waste of money if they don't work out for you! I will be doing a few lip product posts with actual swatches from myself and showing you all my favourite lipsticks with pictures of them on my lips (which is always much better than seeing them on the back of the hand!).

Thanks for reading and let me know YOU'RE favourite make up items!

With love,
Amber Rose