Monday, 2 September 2013

Wish List - September

This is a collection of things that I am greatly lusting after. I am very excited for autumn/winter as I feel there is something so glamorous about wearing a sassy fur collar (faux, of course) with a cute cardigan. You also don't have to worry about your make up melting down your face! I'll just have to aquire a nice umbrella.
I don't usually shop in Topshop and if I do it is when things are heavily reduced, and even then it's pushing my budget, haha! However, I took a visit into my local store and I was surprised to see many items I reallllllly wanted. They have a LookBook called 'Margot's World' and it features all kinds of vintage-inspired ice-cream coloured delights and lots of fluffy jumpers (my favourite!). As you can imagine, this is the part of Topshop that I was in love with, so a few of my lusts are from this collection. Right, anyway! Back to the wish list...

 Probably my favourite piece in Topshop at the moment. Pastel blue mid skirt with a white mesh insert.
 Not for everyone, but I am a sucker for a bit of PVC vinyl.
Topshop again, but who can say no to a marshmellow print pencil skirt? Who can say no to marshmellow print ANYTHING?

 Baby blue fluffy cropped jumper.

 Now, these American Apparel circle skirts are probably my fav skirts ever. I already have three in black, orange and white, but now I have just seen they have new colours. I have fallen head over heels for this peppermint green coloured one. They are originally £48 and that is absolutely ridiculous but they often go on sale for £24 which is a bit more affordable. (You can also use certain discount codes on sale items so that makes it extra affordable). I struggled to find reasonably priced nice mid-length circle skirts ages and these are pretty much the only ones I can find. They are really good quality and a good fit aswell.

Also loving this lilac colour that I have wanted for ages also.

The Vivien Of Holloway capris are gorgeous. I love them. They look better pictured on a model and the colours I really like, e.g bright red, weren't shown on a model and didn't look as appealing so I have inserted pictures of the same capris just in different colours to show you the fit. They are £45 so I definitely will be asking for a pair for christmas. If anyone knows a UK site or store that sells similar capris for cheaper then please let me know :)

Other things that I don't have pictures of or I haven't found the perfect version of it yet so need some recommendations...
A nice blush that suits my skin tone
Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay
Some good comfortable shoes (Ooo how practical)
Big hair flowers
A vintage hair net

This was a very rushed post as my God sister and brother are visiting so are hanging off me so I will have to sum this up quick..

Lets hope I make some money or someone treats me :)
Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is well!
Talk soon darlings!

With love,
Amber Rose x