Monday, 9 September 2013

Vintage In The Winter - Warm AND Glamorous?!

When I first starting dressing in the Vintage style, living in England, one of the first things that crossed my mind was how do I pull off this look in the colder months!? However, as time has gone on, I have become very much excited to dress for Autumn/Winter. From faux fur to berets, I am going to tell you what I will be wearing when the temperature drops!

Coats - The last few winters, I lived in my vintage faux fur coat which I still love but I feel I need something with a lot more shape so I can still feel like I have some sort of figure under all my layers! Even though it is only September, I have been looking for the perfect winter coat (I'm sure I'll have more than one, haha!) for a while. My ideal winter coat would have a tie around the waist so I can still feel feminine and shapely and be around knee lenth or just below.

Trashy Diva Red New Look Courtney Coat Dress
Trashy Diva Courtney Coat Dress
Collectif Ashley Coat
Collectif Dietrich Trench Coat

Collectif Susie Coat

Some inspiration -

Faux Fur Collars - Something that I have ALWAYS loved. I just think they add such a glamorous feel to any outfit, whether you are adding one to a dress, a cardigan or a coat. My favorite pairing is a fur collar and a fitted cardigan - to DIE for. Plus they keep you super warm and cosy. What's not to love?
I have several collars in all ranges of colours. Coloured ones add such a fun vibe to what could have been a very simple outfit. For example, I have a lilac fur collar and when added to my lilac cardigan, they look so good together that they look like they are the same garment. The good thing about the collars is that they are easily removable. I recently got a maroon cardigan which has a maroon fur collar attached from a charity shop and on MOST pieces like this the collar is only attached by buttons or clips.

Switchblade Stiletto Black Cardigan
JulesB Gebeana
Some Inspiration- Marilyn LOVED her fur collars

Berets -
Now, this is something that I haven't had to opportunity to sport myself but I am very excited to! I have to admit, @rachelfrancesx (Look at my Fav Vintage Girls post) gives me motivation to wear a beret so of course I have to feature a picture of her in one now because she does it so well!

Pin Up Girl Clothing
Nina Foch

And to risk rambling, I shall conclude my winter fashion staples here! I will hopefully be doing an Autumn/Winter lookbook and will talk more about staying wam without loosing your personal style there!
Hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you soon!

With love,
Amber Rose xx