Thursday, 5 September 2013

Embracing The Vintage Style

Now, I know that the 'vintage style' isn't for everyone, all I know is that it is one of the best decisions that I have ever made! I am by no means an expert on it, but I know I would have found a post like this very handy whilst I was making my style transition. I am basically going to ramble about my opinions and discuss what I know about dressing in the 1940s/1950s style.
And for any girls that are thinking about a vintage style change, there will be a list of things, such as clothes and make up, that I think are essential for achieving the perfect vintage look! :-)

In my opinion- dressing in the 1940s-1950s fashion can go down two routes - modern or classic. The Modern Vintage style leans towards the 1950s which is more Pin Up and involves a lot of kitsch fabrics, reproduction garments and bright colours. However, the Classic Vintage reminds me of the 1940's a lot more and is very much about dressing how the ladies of that era would have dressed.
I would say that my style is a combination of the two. Sometimes I like to keep it very ladylike & mature, but other times I like to wear big printed dresses and bright chiffon head scarves.

Items that I think are a good starting place in achieving the vintage look-
A good red lipstick (Will be doing a post on my all time favourite red lippie, lets just say I can never wear a different red!)
Vintage nylon head scarves. My hair saviour! And always ensure that it matches your outfit!
A well fitting waist belt - To give you a smashing hourglass figure
Some mid-length circle skirts because they are basically the staple of a vintage wardrobe.
Various coloured cardigans - For bonus points, get some (faux) fur collars/stoles for colder months
LOTS of hair slides
Hair flowers - My favorite are lillies.
A good set of eye brows. They frame the face.
Stockings (preferably with a seam line down the back)
Liquid black eyeliner - I don't wear it that much on my eyes but it is good for drawing on my faux beauty mark

Patterns and prints that I think reflect the vintage style-
(Modern AND Classic)
Leopard print
Polka dots
Cherries and other fruity prints

You can really take this style down any road you want. I've found a lot of girls dress to themes, which is what I like to do as well. For example, one day you could dress in a 'Land girl' military kind of vibe and the next day dress like a bombshell by wearing a gorgeous super tight wiggle dress. Essentially, this style is dressing up so have fun with it and be confident!
Because if you dress like a lady, it doesn't mean you have to behave like one! (Haha! ;))

I don't know if this post made sense or helped anyone but I have been wanting to do this for ages as I would have really enjoyed this when I was starting out my new lifestyle.

Thanks for reading!
Stay confident <3

With love,
Amber Rose x