Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Nice to meet you!

I should probably introduce myself...
I'm Amber Rose,I am 18 years old and I recently completed my Fashion & Clothing course which meant II could persue my dream of living by the (Sussex) seaside with my much loved Boyfriend. Over the recent good few months, I aquired a completely new style... I have always loved vintage but was mainly into a more 'street' (cringe!) look. Think gold chains, camo print, Nikes and bomber jackets. However, now I think I have found my true style and era - 1940's/1950's. So, therefore this blog will be all about highstreet finds that I feel do a really good job of embracing the vintage style- because let's face it, most people my age are on a budget and I know this style can be very expensive, with brands like Hell Bunny and Vivien Of Holloway being the most popular (and  most expensive ££). I will also be talking about make-up, hair and general OOTD and activities.

So, lets hope I can keep this blog up with regular postings and shinanigans! :-)

With love,
Amber Rose